Count your blessings.

One of the days where I met up with Michelle in town! Just because we miss each other. hehe. We have been hanging out really often these days. & I LOVE IT!! :) She is such a great friend. REAL. Down to earth though she can be bragging about everything she owns, but she doesn't at all. Brought her along to hang out with my friends and everyone got along really well! YAY to new friendships.

Lazy to dress up so I wore shorts. 

Hair is still wet, but I went out like this anyway. LAZY IS ME LAH.

Check out my badly ruined nails. Haha, I don't even have time to remove it.

Dinner was my favorite, Sushi tei!!!

After that we decided to chill out at Paragon's coffee bean.

Kiss kiss. 

I hate coffee though.

She is like a little sister to me.

Boyfriend came to town to meet me & that's when we got him to snap a full length picture for us!

1 more 1 more!!
Hate taking pictures with Michelle, cause she is so tiny!
Face so small also. >.<

Back home, I camwhore.

Weather is a bitch so I tied my hair.

Just last week, went to town with boyfriend & I chanced upon MAC's latest collection!

The yearly xmas collection.

This is the set that I got.
Comes with so many things!!!

The eyeshadow & blusher kit.

The colors are so easy to use.

A lipgloss & a lipstick.
Both of sweet pink color too.

& 3 super good brushes!
I thought that the quality wouldn't be so good since its like a "free" item. BUT I WAS WRONG. The brushes are damnnnnn soft and of high quality. 
TOTALLY WORTH SPENDING $110 for this set!

Okay, off to watch The Big Bang Theory before I sleep.
Waking up at 12 tomorrow to go townnnnnnn for my haircut with Salon Vim!!

I love Salon Vim!

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