Wild times.

Wild honey-ed with boyfriend & Oncoming & Janice the other time!! No pictures of Oncoming & Janice because the 2 of them had no idea we were going to Orchard for dinner. & both of them wore super casual as they thought we would only be having dinner nearby or some neighbourhood area. End up, Shunxiong & I wanna go town to have Wild Honey!! 

Waited a good 40 minutes before we were seated.
Damn it.

So while waiting, I snapped quite a few pictures with my iPhone 4's front camera..

With the most annoying boyfriend ever. Everyday he comes up with new things to irritate/disturb me with. LOL.

Hello, his name is Shunxiong. 
He is my boyfriend. 
& he is my bestfriend too.

We do the lamest things together that no one can imagine. But hey, that's our secret. :)

His face is the one I wanna see each time I touchdown in Singapore.

Food time!
This is what boyfriend & I both ordered.
Yes, we ordered the same breakfast set because its the BEST.
So much on a plate!! Sausage, bacon, ham, potatoes, scrambled egg, & THE BREAD IS DAMN NICE. I usually try to avoid carbohydrates but the bread is damn soft and amazing. Apply tons of butter on it please.

Eggs benedict that Janice & oncoming ordered!
Looks quite shiok also.

We all ate till we almost burst. 
I was super hungry when the food was served and I thought I could finish everything. But I failed. 

Taken with my camera, happy people with happy tummies.

I know I said I ate till super full right? But I was having serious cravings for.. Macdonald's vanilla icecream cone!!

& now that I'm seeing this picture, I have craving for it again.

Another instagram picture.

Okay, gonna sign off now.
This entry is nothing but filled with pictures of shunxiong & myself. LOL.

& also, just to complain here, I injured my foot.
My right foot hurts so much.
I have no idea what happened. Someone in heels stepped on it and now I can't apply any pressure on my foot at all. When I try to walk, I end up limping because it really hurts. Like damn bruised feeling. 
Gonna go see the doctor tomorrow to get MC. Then go visit the TCM near my dad's workplace as it will heal my foot faster after the chinese physician massage/rub it. 


Why is my body falling apart at this time.

Gonna go watch dvd now.

With my tim tams. Cause my stomach is growling. But i need to diet leh. I wanna lose 2 kg. WHY SO DIFFICULT.


  1. i agreed tat the bread is nice.. but the baked beans on the am breakfast totally cannot make it..

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