I'm back!!

And its already gonna be the start of a new month. NOVEMBER!
and this has got to be 1 of my favorite month. Why? Cause its Shunxiong & I's anniversary! We got together on the 14th of November 5 years ago. hehe.

I've already picked the perfect place for us to celebrate our 5th year together. Was thinking of booking a hotel room somewhere & spend the night there too but I realized, its gonna be a waste of money cause we'll be out most of the time. 

Here's a backdated entry as usual. 
I think from a month ++ back? 

Just finished preparing & all ready to head out!

Black bustier top from years ago. YSL belt. Red high waist skirt from eswin. Mustard clutch from skim.

& we decided to go to AURA. 
I look so fair here and so weird.

Kimberly, me, esther & huiping.

Group pictures!


My friends were really happy.

With love.

Shunxiong hates it when I wear super high heels. LOL.

Them challenging HAI DAI. 
Esther was losing big time cause my boyfriend is a cheater.

Outside the club.


Spotted this guy walking his husky! 

I like this picture. haha.

Boyfriend & the guys.

Goofy but I like it.

Michelle came down to find us at Aura!!! 

Was already quite tipsy when she arrived. I think she got a little frightened by all our craziness. 

It was nice to have her around! Even though it was only for the last hour or so.

You can tell we get along reallllly well.

I miss my super bling heart iphone casing. all the crystals were falling out after 3 months and I decided to remove them. :(

Esther K.O-ing in Michelle's car when we were driving to our supper place, MEE SUA!!!

I'm gonna go join my boyfriend in dreamland now.

I love sleepovers 


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