The bestfriend of a decade & more.

Went out with my favorite girl just few days back. I heard about the Ramen Champion thingy at Bugis iluma & decided to bring bird there to try the awesome ramen. In my mind, I was picturing the ramen as good as the one I had from my recent Tokyo trip!! But ended up, I was disappointed cause I ordered the wrong type!! :( HIYAH!

Wearing my new top that I got from Vaingloriousyou. So girly, I like.

Had a bad hair day so I decided to just side-braid my fringe.

Happy and I know it. I'm usually happy when I'm in Singapore. heh.

My entire outfit, which I posted on Instagram. I'm an Instagram freak. :)

My super early christmas present from birdie!! 
Check out the chio packagingggg.

So sweet right! You see, I got her this juicy couture gold bracelet from Houston and I have one myself too! So in return, she decided to buy charms to hang on the bracelets! :) Such a sweet thought. And look what does my charm says. hehe, I'M AN AWESOME FRIEND.

Okay, only exceptional times are when I'm PMS-ing, or bad mood when I'm sleepy/hungry/hot.
Only people that knows me really well will experience my moodswings. 

Our not so good ramen.
I was expecting a very nice soup base ramen where I can actually drink the soup. But the one that we ordered is too rich & thick! Its more of a gravy than a soup. So damn upset. I'm already thinking of going back there to order the other ramen from other competing stalls!

But nevermind lah, at least I had good company!

My birdie. 

She is so freaking fair. You know, I've always been complimented by others saying that I'm very fair and all that. BUT LOOK AT HER!! When I'm next to her, I automatically become dark yellow. :(

Here's a very chio picture of my bestfriend. 
I want her nose.

Only friend who is there for me through EVERYTHING and has never once turned her back on me. I'm sure we will really grow old together. CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE KIDS TOGETHER. Omg sure exciting. Bring our kids out together for shopping + tea!! :)

There's readers asking me how come bird, who is my bestfriend, is my brother's girlfriend too. Okay here's the details.

Short story: Bird has been my bestfriend since we were 9 or 10. & since primary school to secondary school, she always comes over to my place be it on weekdays after school, or weekends before we go shopping. So obviously she has became a family friend. But my brother of course paid no interest in her then, it wasn't cool to like your younger sister's friend when you were 17. So fast forwarded, when bird was around 20, she was going through this breakup and she kept staying over at my place. So during those weeks, my brother, herself and I would hanging out almost all the time. Late nights, outings and all that. & my brother decided bird is a good girl and wanted to woo her. & they got together after that. STORY ENDED.

The perks of having them together as a couple are sooooo much. Imagine weekly weekend stayovers! Going overseas together for holiday. Our hong kong trip was amazing. I REALLY MISS IT ALOT. And she is always there at every family outing/event/gathering. She is part of the family now. 

A new skincare product that I recently bought. NOT BAD!!

Its 2.22am now. & I'm currently blogging in bed with boyfriend next to me. He is fast asleep already. I better get off my lappy and go to bed too!! Tomorrow, we're going to Raffles hotel for lunch! Cannot wait. I heard the food is really good. Its an advanced birthday celebration for my boy. I won't be around to countdown with him at 12 midnight for his birthday :( But thank god I will be back in Singapore on the day of his birthday in the evening. At least I didn't miss all of it. Sigh.

Goodnight everyone, have an awesome weekend with your loved ones.
Cherish every moment with them. 
As cliche as it sounds, cherish it.