Dempsy with my Michelle!

Its Friday!!
I used to be sooooo happy whenever its Friday. Now, it doesn't make any difference to me. I'm halfway across the globe and it just doesn't have the same effect on me anymore.

Shall catch up on my blog before I continue my drama marathon in my room.

Here's some pictures taken with Michelle Quek when I met her for dinner! Its quite outdated already this entry. Haha, I think I met her like months ago? But the picture quality not that good lah so I didn't have the mood to blog about it.

We decided to meet for dinner and we went to CMPB at Dempsy!


Chicken wings which sucked. It was so bloody in the center!!

My breakfast set. I know. Breakfast set during dinner time? I don't know why but I always have this habit to order breakfast set whenever a restaurant serves all day breakfast.

Rosti! Not very good too.

& both of us couldn't even finish everything.. this always happens!!

After dempsy, we drove over to Liat towers & chill out at Starbucks. Michelle's favorite hangout. I've never been a coffee drinker. Never ever. So I ordered tea! :) 

Put 2 camwhores together, & this is what you get. 

More from my iPhone!

Everyone says we lookalike. So much so that Michelle showed my picture to her dad & even her dad agreed. Haha. 


Always enjoyed my time whenever we meet up cause this girl is so chatty!! She is damn expressive and her actions are damn cute. 
Will be meeting up this coming Monday again!
Its been awhile!!

& here's another Chanel earring that I got awhile ago.
My 2nd and last pair. 
No more buying.

Every girl loves seeing this packaging.

Double C with dangling pearl.

Okay, time for my drama!!

Can't wait to set foot back in Singapore.



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