Neverland & Filter in 1 night.

Hello everyone!! 

How are you guys? Its been another week since I blogged. I know. Sorry!! I wanted to blog on Sunday but guess what. Well, if you are following me on twitter, you'll know that I fell really ill just a couple of days back. Like really sick.

After work in Sydney, I happily went for lunch with my colleagues. I had pork katsu don + salmon sushi. & I went back to my room, fell asleep for an hour plus. & I woke up to this super weird feeling in my stomach. Like super bloated and a little painful. So I tried to sleep it away but it didn't work. & I suddenly had this nauseous feeling & I ran to the toilet. & yes, I vomited everything. My lunch & even my other food that I had earlier on. SO DAMN GROSS.

So I went to brush my teeth & went back to bed, hoping to feel better after a sleep. 

Fat hope. 

I got worst!! So long story short, I'm back in Singapore now. & I've my doctor immediately after I returned home. & I'm recovering!! Hooray!! Have been eating porridge, beehoon soup & all that healthy food for the past 2 days. 

Someone asked me to take a picture of my Hello kitty screen protector.

It's only $15!! I was actually $20+ if I'm not wrong, but the shop was having discount. For those interested, its located at Parkway parade, basement. Next to Breadtalk!!

Now, party pictures from a few Saturdays back!

Boyfriend & I waiting for cab along the streets of Simei.

We were supposed to go Aura but when we arrived it was already Full house. >.< 
Waste time only!

At Neverland with boyfriend & his friends!

Bumped into Belinda who was working there for a few hours!!

I love him.

With Belinda after she changed!
Both wearing red... hehe.

So glad to bump into her at Neverland, she entertained me all the way! Gossiping about a few certain someones that we know. Haha damn surprised to learn a few more facts about them. :P

I swear in this picture, my boyfriend looks damn funny. 

Then I decided to cab over to Filter to meet Esther & my ex colleagues!!

Super happy to go & find Esther!

With Eugene.

No idea if its Filter, but it is so much more fun there!
I think its the company lah. :)

Charmaine, Esther & I!

Bumped into my poly mate there!

Finally we found April, who was dancing on the podium. -_-
All of us once worked together in Magazines Integrated! 
Damn, I certainly do miss those days.

With the Pyramid game guy.

& we ended the night with a very drunk Charmaine.

ALSO, we managed to eat our mee sua at Katong after partying!! SUPER HAPPY. Its like a must-do for us every time we finish clubbing. EAT MEE SUA!

Okay, time to pop my pills & watch dramas till I fall asleep.

Leaving tomorrow night. 


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