I love you like a love song, baby.

How was your day?
My Tuesday was pretty awesome.

I woke up to my aunt's call and told me that we shall go visit baby Tian en! So Desmond, my cousin, then came over to my place to pick me up within 30 minutes & we went for lunch before visiting his kid.

Tian en, my nephew, is so big already!! & he is super duper cute I swear!! I love children lah. I cannot wait to have a child of my own. I keep telling shunxiong that. I think he scared already. HAHA.

After that, I went to East Coast's Old Town coffee place to meet up with boyfriend and friends. Dinner was settled at Parkway Parade!! I love Parkway. There is always so much things to get there. Almost anything you need, you can get it there. I spent like $90+ at Cotton On. >.< Another $15 on a Hello Kitty screen protecter. I cannot help ittttt! And other random stuff lah.

This post is gonna be quite random. 
There is gonna be pictures taken from September to pictures taken just hours ago!

Boyfriend, Kevin & I at Royal Room.

Apparently it is this atas pre-clubbing place where people chill out and drink. Kevin is doing marketing for this new place & invited Shunxiong & I over before we headed to Shanghai dolly for Don's birthday.

1 more picture! 


& this is me yesterday at my Uncle's birthday dinner.
Without any makeup. 
I ended work at 5.40pm, reached home to bathe and change and left my house at 6.40pm. FAST ANOT? & I only had 3 hours of sleep the entire day before my work started. I was damn tired. I actually fell asleep on my way to dinner.

With everyone that attended the dinner.
Very happy that the past few weeks I was able to be around for family gatherings and events!! I hate the feeling where everyone back home is hanging out and I'm faraway and missing out on all that. 

But sad news: I won't be able to attend my girlfriend, Sarah's wedding dinner!!! :(((((

To make up for that, we will be having her bachelorette's party this Friday!! Sure damn havoc.

& here are some outfits I got from Amber Avenue

I really love this cream floral dress.

The material is damn good and it even comes with a inner lining! 
So there's no need for any petticoat or what not.
Just check out the floral prints, soooo sweet!

I was ready to go out but my boyfriend was late in picking me up, that explains all these pictures. hehe.

New heels I got from Primark in London!!
I wanted to wear it but boyfriend said I was just going for a BBQ at a villa, no need to wear heels. So I still haven't get the chance to wear this pair of heels yet. >.<

& this above outfit was what I wore today!!
The emerald blouse is from Amber Avenue. 
One of their very own manufactured piece.

These pussybow tops are so in-trend right now!
I just came back from Tokyo, and the whole time I was there, I kept seeing such tops in the shops at Shibuya 109! But so damn expensive lah. 1 blouse can cost like $50+ sgd.

Click here to visit: 

♥ Amber Avenue 

Psst! I heard that they just launched a new collection!

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