When in Tokyo!!

Its 1.33am and I'm sipping my bottle of Calpis drink, updating this space. I've been away from home for 7 days and surprisingly, I'm not THAT homesick yet. I guess it has to do with the fact that I've met a really nice friend and we've been room mates since Japan to LA and back to Japan.

Shopped so much today in Shibuya and Harakuju today. 

From 12 noon until 8+pm in the night. & we walked non stop. I swear. My legs were almost breaking when it was around 6pm but I continued shopping because, ITS TOKYO!! Hello~~~~

The streets of Harajuku.

Spent so much there. I bought like $200+ sgd worth of bras from this bra shop called AMO'S Style. The bra damn nice lah! And very nice when worn. HAHA. So its totally worth it.

Was tempted to buy many other cutesy stuff along the way but stupid me forgotten to bring my entire wallet out!! I left it in the hotel. So I only have like 10,000 yen with me. Which was around $160 SGD.  My kind friend lend me money when I shopped at Forever 21 and all lah but I was paiseh to have her pay for me all the time. So I only buy what I thought was REALLY needed. Bird said it was a blessing in disguise that I forgotten to bring my debit cards out. If not I sure spend more!!

But I cannot control myself whenever I enter any drugstore. SURE GOT SOMETHING TO BUY ONE. I enter once, I left with things. Second time just an hour later, also left with things. 

I need to stop buying lipbalms.

Snacks + instant noodle!! I need to stock up on more snacks tomorrow before I fly back to Singapore.

A little too early, but I already gotten my organizer for 2012!!

& I met the world most loyal dog, Hachiko! Outside Shibuya station!

The must-go shopping mall but nothing to buy. The clothes are either too expensive or too crazy to be worn in Singapore..

A random ramen stall in Japan beats any top ramen restaurant in Singapore.

Don't underestimate this crepe..


Enjoying her crepe as much as I did!!

Resting our tired legs when waiting for the bus back.

It was definitely a fruitful day out. :)

Time to call it a night!

Good night everyone.