Went to town with boyfriend to get mooncakes from the Takashimaya fair.

Decided to play dress up since its been awhile.

Without any lipstick.

After putting on my NARS orangey-red lipstick.

Can't be bothered to wear big eye contacts that day.

Piled on tonnes of accessories as always.
Juicy couture, Miu miu, YSL.

My hair officially has no parting.
It just goes center, left, right, up, down all in a day.

Pardon my messy room. Well, its almost 24/7 messy. Only during CNY then it will be super duper neat. Haha. Once a year event.

Outfit of the day.

Matched it with my mustard clogs.


My tiny esther chin who is currently ill with intestinal infection. WHAT THE?

Get well soon babe.

Annoying OKM & my skinny bf.


When I wear heels too often, Shunxiong will ask me to stop wearing them. Cause he prefers me to be much shorter than him. WHY? So he can put his arms around my shoulders easily. -_-

Chillax outside Taka.

Put them together = lotsa kpkb.

Homes favorite mooncake that boyfriend bought for me!!


It was delicious, by the way.

Will be going offline now, after I stalk a couple more blogs. Then perhaps I'll put on a good movie and snack along till maybe 3-4 am and I'll call it a day.

Have to wake up around noon tomorrow! Will be going to town with my best girlfriend and also for my 2nd IPL session at Musee toyko. I swear IPL for underarms are a must-have man. Damn good. Only had 1 session done and I already noticed like more than 60% of the underarm hair stopped growing. HOW AWESOME.

London was beautiful.
Can't wait to go there again.

Visited Stonehenge when I was there.