Boyfriend's birthday!! :)

It was boyfriend's birthday last month. 
The 23rd of October.

I'm so glad I was around for his birthday, well I missed part of the celebration where he got really drunk and danced for 2 hours nonstop. Hahahaha. But I saw the epic video that my friends recorded. But still,  I was happy that I'm able to cut cake & all that with him before his birthday ended. 

But few days before that, I brought boyfriend for dim sum at Royal China @ Raffles hotel. I read from Beatrice's blog that Royal China serves not bad dim sum so I decided to give it a try. NOT BAD!! But must really call and book ahead cause its always FULL HOUSE. Dammit.

That's us while waiting for our table.. love iphone 4's front camera during the day. Takes very good pictures when there is sufficient light.


Drink tea! Its good for you. I super love tea. Any type of green tea or chinese tea. :)

We were 1 of the first few to reach, soon after that, the place was filled with people.

Happy to know that yummy food is coming my way!

A hungry man is a angry man.

Super yums porridge!!!! I love those crispy thing that they put on top. And I love the green things too. The more the merrier.


I love these tiny egg tarts.

& the liu sha bao.... omg, heaven.

See, after he's been fed, he is a happy boy.

He calls me "naughty _____" all the time.

After filling our tummies, we decided to head down town to shop a little before our movie.
& I went into H&M and gotten myself a romper!!

This was my outfit of the day!
Dress bought from Forever 21. Belt from Charles & Keith a year ago.. hehe.

Tried this on but decided that its too much and I will probably never wear it out. So nope, didn't buy it!

This is what I got!! 
A very simple zip down black romper but I think its very nice!! :)


Back at his place on the actual day of his birthday...

Awfully chocolate, choco-banana cake!

Happy birthday boyfriend!!

Very serious in making wish.

Woohoo, 1 year older.
5 more years to 30!! hahahaa.


& below are just random camwhore pictures of me I found in my iphone.

Have replied all formspring questions!!

& sorry to everyone for the late updates. I've been too busyyyyyy.


Its raining & I've just taken my flu & cough medicine.

1 more day to my annual leave starts.
7 days of freedom.



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