Cupcakes with Love.

Good morning everyone!

Okay, I get that its abit dumb to write that as a greeting because, who knows what time you'll be reading this blog entry right? But I'm in a very good mood so I wanna shout out to everyone "GOOD MORNING!!"

Why so chirpy? 

Because I just got back home from Beijing just an hour ago!! I totally adore the feeling of touching down and coming back to my lovely home. BEST FEELING for life.

Anyway, the pictures for this entry is a little backdated. Like 2 months ago? 
I totally forgotten about this set of pictures until yesterday when I was in my hotel room in Beijing. I couldn't sleep and it was like 3+am there so I decided to take a look at my photo albums and, TADAH! I found this set of pictures which belonged to my "July" album.

Boyfriend and I after shopping around in town.

What was he doing man?

I was having a "bad makeup day".

Boyfriend having his chicken spag at..

The garden slug!!

Got so happy anot?

& this is my MUST HAVE always.
Their all day breakfast!
Very simple but damn good. The eggs are perfect.

After our dinner, we drove our to Tj Katong for Cupcakes!!


I love their red velvet!

At Cupcakes with Love.
Roy the owner, who is also my friend.

I bought a box of 4 home for my mom!

All these were hand-drawn by their friend. 

That's me on boyfriend's bed!
A satisfied customer of Cupcakes with Love!

Add: 348 tanjong katong road.
Tel: 6440 0450


Clottes has just updated with their latest collection!!

Let's take a look at my picks shall we?

 Recently I'm quite into mid-length skirt, and the above colors are all so pretty! I can't decide which is my favorite.

& this above polka dot top has got to be my number 1 choice of the entire collection!
Match it with any pair of shorts or skirt, it'll definitely go.

Ruffles are my weakness too.

Have fun shopping!!


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