Salon Vim Gives Back!!

I'm sure everyone here is no stranger to Salon Vim and their amazing hair skills, & I have an awesome piece of news to share with all of you.


This project is reaching out to those less fortunate girls who wishes to change/do something different to their image and do not have the opportunity to. Salon Vim would like to be the changing point of her life – giving her the confidence she always wished to have.

Salon Vim gives back to the public by giving a free hair makeover out of goodwill!

Here’s how you can help

1. Post a photo of you and your dearest friend.

2. Tell us why you would like to help your friend. (eg, have she always wished to visit a hair salon but do not have the money to do so? Does she have very low confidence?)

3. Tell us how we can change her life because it is the driving point behind this project.

How to win & what will you get

They are doing it differently this time round! No votes are required to help you win this contest. Salon Vim will choose the winning entry whose plight touches them the most. You and your friend will be able to get a complete hair makeover free of charge. 

The world goes around in a cycle and one thing leads to another. A kind act will continue to go around in the world changing lives. Do you have a friend who you wish to help?
Let us know.


Random but, picture taken last night before Neverland & Filter.

Had so much fun last night!!!

Will be blogging a new entry later or tomorrow!

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