Pictures from a decade ago.

As the title suggests, yes, The following pictures are from years ago. 1 of it was really from 10 years ago. GOD, I'M OLD.

Well, before you wonder why in the world would I start posting all these pictures, let me explain. Hehe. See, few days ago, bird was over at my place & we were talking about how much we've grown and changed since secondary school and how we miss the old times. & I went "Hey, wanna see how much older we look now compared to the past? GO GET MY EXTERNAL HARDDISK FROM MY BROTHER!" 

& yeap, bird went to get it and we went right down memory lane for the next 2 hours.

Lying on my bed, looking at my laptop, going through thousands of pictures. & god, I was super messy in organizing my picture folders last time. I have folders name "Untitled", "New folder", "New folder 1", "Clubbing", "Neoprints", "Birthdays" .. bla bla. So it was really tough to go through the pictures from the oldest to the newest.

** For those who are very interested in my "original" face without any fake lashes, before going for braces, & before I've mastered the art of makeup, ENJOY **

Picture taken in 2001, November 24. 
Me, Shalyn, Bird when we were 14 years old.
Thank god the lovegethy prints out the date. That was the only time in my life that I had "short" hair. & mind you, its not even short to begin with right? But yeap, I've always had long hair since I can remember. 

& the above picture was taken when we were 15.
Attending some school's night concert.

All wanna act mature, 15 years old only dress until damn old. LOL.

Picture above was taken when I was 15 too!
The left is obviously me, & the girl on the right is Juan.
Yes, I have gold hair.

Birdie & I.
We were into the "act jap" trend which was damn huge at that era. I bleached my hair 3x to get this color  & bird bleached her hair 5x!! She's damn hardcore.
We were mad over Ayumi, I swear.

 The above neoprint was taken when we were secondary 4, which means 16 years old.
As you can tell, we were both very hardworking + vain girls.
We would always dye our hair during the November-December school holidays. Just to have colored hair for 2 months and when school starts in January, we'll have to dye it black all over again.

This was when I was in Secondary 4 or 5. Shit, I can't remember. 
But god, I do miss those times back in Katong Convent.
I've never ever regretted going to a Convent girls school. I've been in a girls school my entire life. Since KC Primary to Secondary. We really had alot of crazy times that I don't even know where to begin with. Everyday there's something funny/insane that we'll do to the teachers & classmates. 

Secondary school years were probably the best years of my schooling life. I mean if you compare between Primary, secondary & polytechnic life.

Birdie & I after collecting our N level certs, 17 years old.
Damn happy cause I didn't study at all and managed to get 3 points. HAHA.

Birdie & I when I've just entered Poly life.
17 going 18 years old.

& this is us now.


:( :( :( :( :(

I feel damn old now.



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