JB for the cheap food, massage, movies.

Its been a long time.


Terribly busy and I know its not an excuse you haven't heard before. BUT ITS TRUE. I'm always too tired or away from home. Also, I have limited internet access sometimes.

So its a Friday night and bf & I just finished watching "Bad Teacher". Not really nice leh. I thought it would be a much better movie. & prior to that, my brother, Shunxiong & I played Monopoly deal for like more than an hour in my brother's room. & guess who is the big winner of the night? MOI!! Haha okay nothing to be proud of. But the feeling damn shiok lah. 

Dinner was porridge at The Oasis. Not as good as I expected. Won't be going back there anymore!!

Boyfriend & I in Janice's car with Okm, going into JB!!

& if you are wondering why am I wearing a tshirt, here's the story.
I was out before that & I was wearing like a halter top + mini skirt. Bf did not allow me to dress up whenever we enter JB so I had no choice but to change into bf's stupid monkey tshirt & get this, HIS BOXERS. Okay, at least the boxers looks like those cotton on checkered shorts. 

Love going into JB, but hate the long ride there.

Foody time!! 
At Taman Sentosa.

Janice & Okm.

Bf giving a stupid grin. 

Waiting for our food..

Ordered too much for 4 person. >.<

& below are just some of the things I've bought and remembered to take pictures of.

I've gotten like loads of new dresses, shoes, jackets but I always forget to take pictures of it. So I'm sorry I can't share them with you! I remember the days back in Poly where I was so hardworking to wear all the new clothes I bought and take pictures of them. Now, I just leave the dresses in the shopping bags at the corner of my room. I NEED MORE TIME. :(

Hello kitty edition pens from Swarovski. 

One for me & one for Bird. SO CUTE RIGHT.

A roomy bag for casual days from Kate Spade. Its actually orangey-red in real life.

From Houston's Sephora.

Nars orangey-red lipstick, Guerlain''s meteorite pearls, and this multi-brush thingy that's super convenient. 

& lastly, a new addition to my never ending accessories craze.

The original color that set off the hype about the YSL arty ring.

Now its balanced. hehe

Alrighty, time to get some sleep.

P.S: Just realized I've kinda grown up/changed. In terms of setting my priorities in life. I'm gonna stop spending so much and start saving. Yes, as much as that may seem impossible, I'm not gonna buy anymore branded bags for the rest of the year. Till maybe my birthday in June next year. Maybe just a new wallet. BUT THAT'S IT. No more new Chanel earrings, YSL rings, or bags. My crave for the Hermes 'H' belt & 'H' gold bangle are now pushed away. Just like my thoughts for a Chanel 2.55, which have been deleted temporarily from my brain. I have this plan that I've worked out mentally and I hope to achieve what I've set. Just another 1-2 years + more and we shall see! :)

No amount of labels will bring me as much happiness as a home for Shunxiong & I.

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