Birthday ppppp-arties.

Pictures today,
words another time.

Okay hello everyone!!

I'm here updating my blog right now cause I'm stuck in my hotel room in Moscow with nothing to do. Was supposed to crash in another girl's room for dvd watching and stuff but I think she is sleeping now! So maybe later?


Why? Because I've been away from home for 7-8 days already. And I'm seriously homesick now. But great news is, I'm coming back in less than 48 hrs time. So yes, I'm very stoked about that. I already have my entire Saturday planned out.

Touchdown at the airport around 5+am, Boyfriend, brother & bird picking me up, we'll have breakfast at Macdonalds, drive home, sleep til around 2pm, wake up & prepare to go out. Dinner with the 3 of them maybe in town, then movie! I've yet to catch "The rise of the planet of the apes". Everyone around me can't stop telling me how nice that movie is. So yes, we are gonna watch that.


With birdie taken a month ago!
We were at some condo at Mayer road area for Tian en's 1st birthday!

Love what birdie was wearing. 
& I love my new dress too. The color combination is so pretty.

With my pretty girl.

How can I leave boyfriend out right?

& this little tiger is Tian en!!
My nephew. He was wearing the tiger suit that I bought for him. OMG SO CUTE RIGHT. 

The birthday cake that his mom made for him. 

He was so grumpy that day.. look at his expression. Frowning all the time.

So after the party, Shunxiong & I headed over to Sentosa for another party!
Andrew's 24th birthday surprise party.
But we got there late lah, so we didn't see the part where he walked through the door and got surprised by everyone.

With my other 2 favorite girlfriends.

It was a crazy fun night.
The amount of alcohol we have was like freeflow.
More than 4 bottles of martell, red wine, & other hard liquors that I can't remember.

The girls.. & yes I love martell.

The boys having their own fun in the pool.

Boyfriend didn't swim cause he had to leave early. Had to work early next morning. Responsible man = very good!!

Esther, Andy + Harry!

Pang pang + Mei bai!

Oncoming & esther.

Why boyfriend act like don't wanna take pictures with me? But when I'm away from Singapore, everyday say miss me only. HEHE.

Like this picture.

That's what I was doing the entire night.
Couldn't stop bouncing on the couch. Who ask them to blast nice music!!

No idea what Esther & I were doing..

I like this picture too!!

Pictures all taken by Mei bai's DSLR. 
So clear & nice!

Taking a break from all the jumping.

Picture with everyone in it!!

Continue tomorrow.. tired. x