Birdie's day in town.

Have you missed the latest update by Clottes?

In fact, I missed 2 of it !

The above 2 is from collection 3 and I really like both of it!
The pale pink romper is so girly and convenient for causal sundays + the dress in jade color is so classy.

& here's my pick for collection 4:

Brighter & louder colors!
The mustard A-line cut dress is just so lovely! But a pity I'm too tall for it.

Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!
Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!


Met up with bird in town few weeks ago to sort of have a day with her because I wouldn't be around for her birthday this year!! So sad lor. Every year I would be spending it with her but I have to work this year and I wouldn't be in Singapore.

Outfit of the day!

Decided to have lunch over at Paradise Dynasty.

Food food food!!
Love the tofu with century egg + the spicy dumplings. 
The colorful xiao long baos were just so-so only leh. Some of it taste quite funny.

Picture with my favorite girl in the world.

We had a simple day out, just walking around town, chatting about each other lives but it felt good.
We caught the movie "Bridesmaids" and it was super hilarious!! Both of us didn't expect the movie to be that good but it was. We could not stop laughing at some scenes man.

& we took neoprints!!

So sorry for the lack of updates as I've been super busy with work and when I have any free time, I'm always spending it with my boyfriend, friends & loved ones.

LIKE NOW, I'm off to continue watching The vampire diaries with boyfriend in bed.

I'm gonna be away for the next 9 days.

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