Lunch with mommy + Salon vim.

Just last week, I made a hair appointment with Salon Vim after more than 3 months of not visiting them. I used to go have my hair trimmed + treatment once every 2 months. But nowadays not enough time!! Decided to drag mommy with me to town too. So we can have some mother-daughter time. Haha.

Was totally clueless on what to wear though I have like 4 new dresses but I don't wish to wear them yet.

So I threw on this hot pink skirt with neon yellow belt that I got from Hong Kong's Bershka.
& yes, my room is officially in a mess again. 

Successfully growing my fringe out.

Decided to have Crystal jade @ Takashimaya for lunch.
My treat!!

Super yummy the century egg + pork congee.

Roasted pork + chicken. Yums too.

Dim sums...


More dim sum!

Mommy happily eating.
& guess what?
Both of us couldn't finish the amount of food I ordered. LOL, paid $55+ for a lunch for 2. I always over-order when I'm hungry. Damn.

After the heavy lunch, we decided to shop around.
Zara, Mango, Forever 21. 

& that's where I spotted a petite familiar figure in the shop..

Michelle quek!!

The 1st thing she shouted was "OMG MEITING!"

I'm a giant next to her.

The lousier quality pictures were taken by my iPhone. 
& I kept saying we were fated to meet. Haha, cause just the night before, we went for dinner + chillax session from 7pm to like 1-2am? & the very next day bump into her again. Much loveeeeee.

& then, to Salon Vim I went!!

When I arrived, my stylist, Luis was already busy with 2 other customers! Busy busy man. Must always book appointment before I go down because he is always busy with customers!! So I had to wait for about 10 mintues? & I decided to camwhore with my "before haircut" look.

My hair was totally "NO SHAPE" and just super anyhow lah. 
The ends were quite cui too.

& I officially have no hair parting. 
Left part, right part, center part depending on my mood.

& finally, it was my turn!

*Snap snap snap*
Luis's scissors went. 
Boyfriend came down from work to accompany me!

Luis & him became chit chat buddies and ignored me.

I know my hair is in good hands.
Because I've been with Salon Vim for more than a year already. 
& I've never once left the salon cursing and swearing cause of a bad haircut/dye. 

I'm always happy with everything they did for my tresses.

& I love how my stylist, Luis, knows how to cut my hair in the way that I want. Amazing thing is, I don't even have to tell him much about it and 20-30 minutes later, I get the hair style that I pictured in my head.

See how smooth my hair is after he trimmed all the spilt ends away.

& my entire head felt lighter too.
My hair has abit more "shape" now. 


For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here’s the details you’ll need.
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767
♥ Till the next entry, **meiting.


  1. i love congee! i suddenly miss asian i'm craving for it =(

  2. how much does it cost? I wanna try out there someday too!

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