I can haz iPhone 4 white!!

With a very chio casing!!

Okay not sure if many of you know this but, my iPhone 3GS went swimming in a cup of water with a half eaten apple in it at Juan's house last week. So obviously the phone was spoiled. I couldn't get the screen to come back on. So sad lah. I was super panicky I swear.

The next day, boyfriend accompanied me to Singtel at Parkway parade & I got myself the new iPhone 4 in white color!! & what's the next thing I need after getting a new phone? 
New casings!!

& my friend Samantha, has this blogshop, Whoppi , that sells super nice casings for iPhones & Blackberries! 

She gave me this pretty Kate Spade iPhone cover!
Once I saw it, I knew my bestie, bird will like it too, so I told Samantha that I wanted to buy another one. Haha, not bad right, so fast I give her business already.

Super pretty casing!!!
Birdie's phone looks almost similar as mine. Just that her's is the black iPhone & her home button does not have the cute sticker that I got. I bought the buttons for 5 bucks at a push cart from Tampines interchange. Boyfriend said I was wasting money again when I bought it. But so cute lor, the polka dot button super match with my Kate spade casing right!!!

Samantha knows that I'm in a leopard craze now so she threw in the above leopard & bling bling casing for me too. So nice of her lor!

When you have a nice phone + photobooth + a bored girl overseas, 
you will definitely be expecting the following camwhore pictures..

 So if you guys have iPhone or Blackberries that needs to be "zhenged" .. do drop by my friend's blogshop because there are super loads of designs to choose from!!

P.S: She's having a flea @ scape TODAY! & the next weekend 8th + 9th of July @ SCAPE again! the 23th July @ Iluma, & the 30th @ The Cathay! So if you are interested in seeing the items before purchasing, go check out her stall at the fleas! Also, Samantha says if you tell her that you are my reader, you get 5% discount!!


My hair is getting too thick for my liking & I'm so going to contact Salon Vim for an appointment next week. But before that, just a little heads up for you guys who wants to do a little pampering for your tresses too.

Salon Vim's Great Singapore Sale is going to end this coming 24th of July!! So be kiasu like me & hurry go book an appointment before the good deals runs out. 

Its summer time!!
& these are the latest hair trends for this colorful season.

Notice how the fashion boutiques are going bright & loud with their clothings? You should too! So do  

For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here’s the details you’ll need.
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767
♥ Till the next entry, **meiting.


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