Day 3 in Hong kong!

Just finished painting my toe nails & bathing. Decided to update my blog while my hair dries. I have a love-hate relationship with my thick long hair. It looks good when I let it down or curl it. But when it comes to drying them out after taking a bath, it takes freaking long. Like almost close to 2 hours. I know there's something called a hair dryer.. but I'm lazy + I don't wanna damage my hair.

The past 3 days back home was great. Very well spent. I like.

Saturday - Orchard with boyfriend, transformers 3 movie at night + stayover at my place.
Sunday - Monthly visit to the temple w family, dinner with boyfriend @ The Garden Slug, chill out @ Hk cafe with friends + late night shopping @ Mustafa + supper @ Swee Choon dim sum!
Monday - Brunch with girlfriend Juan @ Food for thought, dinner with bf @ Marcus's place. BBQ!

Hong Kong day 3!!!

Taken just below our hotel, while my brother smokes & we were waiting for him to finish so we could get on a cab..

I'm so happy that my brother & my boyfriend get along so well. Even before Shunxiong & I were together as a couple, my brother already liked Shunxiong. Keep telling me that Shunxiong is a good catch & all that. Wah lao.

Birdie & her hermes scarf. 
Nice hor, but I don't think suit me..

Had Macdonald's for breakfast because we were lazy to think of which famous breakfast place to go.

Bought this pretty umbrella from SASA from Day 1. I hate getting dark!

Famous egg tarts!!!
I forgot the name of the shop but its damn nice!!
The egg is super smooth lah, its almost like watery man. 

The afternoon was quite wasted because we went to Causeway bay and everything there is like just boring. All the shops are what we've seen/shopped before so we didn't even bother entering them. 

We went to do more touristy stuff.

Like, visiting The Peak!

Bought tickets for the tram ride..

On the tram.. bringing us up up up up.. 

High up on the mountains.. 

Pretty scenery.. but nothing very special. 
The only special thing is the memory that I keep with me. That the 4 of us, went to HK together & had a blast. We made a pact with each other to go on a holiday trip each year. Next destination that we've planned : TAIWAN for 2012!!


Dinner at this seafood western outlet at The Peak. Damn long queue man. But luckily the food is good. So its worth the wait.

Brother had the ribs, bird shared with him. I had the fish with mash & boyfriend had the prawn thingy. 
Ate til we burst, as usual.

Loots of the day.
Not much actually.

I like buying lipbalms or anything that moisturizes my lips.

Got myself a kate spade bangle.. 
The packaging of the box so pretty right!

That's all for day 3.



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