Breakfast date @ Siglap!

Had a breakfast date with Sue ann over at Coffee club last week! I stayed over at boyfriends & when he went off to work, I went over to Siglap to meet Sue ann. Its been months since we both last met. But it definitely doesn't feel that long man. We had a lot of fun catching up on each other's lives over good breakfast. 


Caesar salad with smoked salmon & yummy mushroom soup!

The sandwiches + burger was just so-so. 
Perhaps we were already too full from the starters so we didn't really enjoy our mains.

Passionfruit smoothie for me, & I forgot what she had. 

No eye makeup = wear sunglass to hide.

Perfect weather for phototaking.
The pictures turns out so nice!

Sue ann brought her polaroid along & we snapped some too!

Makes me feel like getting a polaroid too. 
But I doubt I will buy lah. So expensive + seldom will use it. 

Okay, so I'm quite a huge instagram fan & here's some of pictures I've uploaded which you have not seen unless you are already following me on instagram.
Userame: Lianmeiting

New pumps I got.
Pretty right? I love the color!!

Best face scrub ever. 
I use it weekly! :)

YSL belt for my birthday by bird & my bro.

2 more blusher from MAC.
Pink swoon + fleur power.

& these are just 3 useless camwhore pictures.

Okay, here's & update before I leave for work tomorrow.
I may even update when I'm there. If the internet connection in the hotel room is good. 
Can't wait to explore Amsterdam!! 
But I can't wait to get back home on Saturday too.

Waiting for boyfriend to come over for dinner & stayover now.