A day out with mommy!!

A short update before the weekend!!

Went to town for lunch + some shopping with my mommy! Its been a long time since the two of us went shopping together in town. Its always tampines mall or simei east point. LOL.

Here's what I wore.

New leopard outerwear.
Super comfy to wear! & it just spices up my entire outfit instantly.

I decided to not wear big eye contact lens because I was pretty lazy.

& here's where we had our lunch!

At the basement of Takashimaya.

Cheap & decent food.
I had the grilled fish with fragrant rice! :)

 My pretty mommy!

She was like "I drink soup, you also take!"

Okay so here's 2 proper pictures while we waited for our food.

Do we lookalike?
I don't think so leh. But I don't think I look like my dad too.
Haha a mixture of them both maybe?

Boyfriend came over to meet me in town around 6+pm..

Dinner was at The Big O & the food was pretty average. I wont go back there again for the price they are charging.

Boyfriend & his below-average pizza.

Okay, its pretty late now. 
I have to wake up really early later like 5am. So time to go to bed.
Have a great weekend everyone.

I'll be away from Singapore till Sunday morning.


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  1. hi can i noe where u gt the leopard cardigan?


    pls email me.
    thx u.