Life in Hong Kong, day 2!

Sorry for being MIA for almost a week!! I wanted to update but I was pretty busy almost daily and now I finally have some free time!!

But for readers who want real time updates, you can follow me on twitter! I update all the time and even with pictures too. Instagram is my new love. For both accounts, twitter & instagram, my username is: Lianmeiting. Add me there okay!  ♥

Right now, I'm at boyfriend's place. Its 2.52am and he is fast asleep, as usual. I'm sucha night owl but he is always an early sleeper. Damn it. So, since I can't sleep, I decided to come up with a new blog entry for you guys! I don't like staying over at boyfriend's place man. His internet connection sucks!! I have to find a "good" spot in his room to get connected to the internet. Wtf right. 

Okay, so.. HONG KONG DAY 2!!

We woke up real early & took a cab to this famous place for breakfast. Recommended by my friend! I totally forgot where the hell is that place already. But the queue was damn long when we arrived. We were like the 12th group of people waiting.

Boyfriend was hungry so he went to the roadside stall & got this curry fishball! DAMN NICE also.

Finally we got to the food!

The eggs are to die for.
REALLY damn good I swear.
I've never eaten eggs as awesome as these before. 
In my 24 years of life.

Check out the queue of people behind me in the above picture! They are all waiting for a table in that breakfast place. 

After breakfast, we took the train, MTR, to go shopping!!

The very touristy shots which are a must-take. Haha.

We arrived at the shopping place, Argyle Centre too freaking early. The shops were only opened at 2pm!! & we were there like, 12pm. So we had to wait. But we did not waste much time. We shopped at Sasa & went over to another shopping centre. Langham place, if I'm not wrong. There's H&M there too!! & the entire shopping centre is damn huge man. That's where Bird & I bought our Jill Stuart make up too!! Will be posting the pictures later on.

Taking a break at some random hk cafe.

Happy me in the ladies.. that's my Jill Stuart make up in the pretty pink paper bag.
& this leopard maxi dress was bought from H&M! I got it on day 1 and I wore it immediately the next day. hehe.

Its called New York Fries, I think.
So much topping lor, bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, spring onions, egg mayo!! BestFriesForever at Cine cannot fight with this man.

Everyday eat like mad pigs only.

The dumpling soup & chicken was not bad too.

Desserts at the Hui Lau Shan after 3rd round of shopping.

& then it was dinner time.
See, that's what we do everyday.


& then.. when night comes, & all the shops start to close,
we went back to our hotel to put all of our shoppings & went up to the hotel's top floor's bar for some drinks!

But first, here's our loots for day 2!

I took a close up of some of the items..

My Jill stuart make up!!
The prettiest cosmetics ever man.
I bought the powder foundation & blusher! The blusher comes with attached brush one lor. Damn nice casing. I LIKEEEE.

Some beauty products from Sasa & eyelashes from Argyle centre.

I bought this 38mm hair curler from Argyle centre too!! 
So I decided to play with it before we went up the bar for drinks.

I didn't want big dolly curls. 
I wanted just some natural waves at the ends.
It took me 7 minutes to create this.

I quite like this hairstyle.
Should try to play with my hair more often.
But tonging it will spoil my hair ends. Damn.

Check out how much taller boyfriend is.
I'm glad he is so tall lah, if not all my high heels can say bye-bye already.

Okay he tried to bend down a little.

& up to the hotel's bar, we went!!!

The boys looking through the menu wondering what to order..
Check out the Hong kong night view behind them.

I love red wine!!

Tandoori chicken.
Very delish!

Tried capturing the beautiful scenery but too much reflection on the glass window.

Last picture of day 2!!

Gonna go sleep now.. have to wake up early tomorrow for breakfast with Sue Ann!
Its been a long time since we both hang out. So since I'm staying over at boyfriend's place.. which is damn near Sue ann's, we decided to have breakfast over at some cafe @ Siglap area tomorrow.

Till the next entry, take care & lotsa Xs. 


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