Hong Kong day 1!!

Okay, I know this is what you are waiting for. 
So here it is.

I'm splitting the blog posts up according to each day because I have too many pictures already. So this is day 1.

We flew to Hong kong via Tiger airways and it was a torture for my brother & Shunxiong. Because throughout the 3hrs + flight, their long legs were super restricted. Bird & I were fine but it still was a little too squeezy for me. If I have the money to spare, I would definitely not wanna go through that again.

& so we arrived at Hong kong at about 10am.

Once get off the plane only start taking pictures liao. 
In the plane really no mood to do anything but sleep.

Birdie, me & a little of my brother in the skytrain at the airport.

Our hotel room!
We stayed at the Nikko hotel. Which was located at Tsim sha tsui area. Very convenient, I like.

Loving the leopard top I got. I'm into leopard preeens now. LOL. But I'm sure this phase will end very soon.

After checking in to the hotel, we headed out!
No time to waste right.
Starving so we decided to have some food at a random cafe.

Bird & my brother wondering what to order..
& the bloody cafe is soooo crowded! Damn hectic also. Somemore the staffs all speak in ridiculously fast cantonese which I don't understand. The only person who can speak cantonese out of the 4 of us is Birdie. Our saviour.

Every time I look at the picture I wanna eat it like immediately.

A typical street in Hong kong. 
Signboards everywhere.

Queueing to enter LV.
Almost all the branded boutiques there have long queues.
& yes, boyfriend was carrying our shopping bags.
SASA + H&M = ultimate love @ HK.

Check out the crowd outside Chanel.

After all the shopping, we walked around & came to this street with lotsa food.

Very awesome egg tart.

Snapped a picture of tired boyfriend as we were waiting for our bubble tea at Gong cha.

The boys were tired from all the shopping & it was only day 1.

I think Bird & I have better stamina when it comes to shopping. 

& it was dinner after that.
We need food. 
Aka energy.

The xiao long baos there damn nice!!!
The meat fillings are damn tasty.
Got prawn and damn generous the amount.

Day 1 shopping loots.

 Messy table with all our accessories. 
What to do, room is shared by 4 people.

& that's boyfriend's new wallet which he bought from Loewe that very day.

Skincare products that I brought over for my 5d4n.

Bought the VS shampoo + conditioner from HK & it is damn good!!
I just saw it in Watsons Singapore last week too. I'm gonna buy it once my current shampoo finishes. Damn smooth lah the hair after using. & smells very nice too.

Showered & sleep.

Okay, that's day 1 for you.



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