Microsoft Back to School Giveaway!

Hello readers,

My poly classmate is involved in this Microsoft project and I would like all of you to give your support to his team! :)


Microsoft College Connect is an initiative by reach out to students in Singapore. The Microsoft College Connect is a pet project started by a group ofpassionate student technologist (MY FRIEND!!) who are looking to share useful information and opportunities with the rest of their peers. We strongly believe in sharing and helping others to succeed in their daily school work.

In the spirit of sharing that we strongly believe in, we are launching a “Back to School Giveaway” for students in Singapore from 16th June 2011 to 30th June 2011.

How to be eligible for the giveaway?
1)      You have to be a student.
3)      ‘LIKE’ the page
4)      Answer a simple question in the “Back to School Giveaway” application in the page.
Please do support and good luck ;)


So easy to win!! All you need to do is just be a Student, answer a simple question, and Ta-dah!! Stand a chance to win all the above gifts. Damn! I want to be a student too. Working life is tough. :(

So do participate in this giveaway & I hope you readers do win something!!


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