One of the many Nana nights.

So this post will be covering 1 of the nights which my friends & I decided to go Nana. Super random idea lah. I guess we were just bored.

Anyway tonight is Ah hong's wedding dinner and all my friends are attending it right now, like this very moment when I'm blogging. Even my boyfriend is there, but I can't make it as I have work later on. Sigh. :(

Can't wait for the JB dinner trip we've planned on Tuesday with all of them!! I miss hanging out with my friends. So this is something to look forward to! :)

Those who were there earlier.

Boyfriend, LJ, Marcus.

Eugene & Marcus.

Esther & I fooling around with LJ's glasses.

With my other 2 favorite girls!!
Esther & Megan.
Can't wait for Juan to get back. She has gone overseas for sooo freaking long. I wonder if she is home sick. Cause I'm sure I will definitely be!

With Wenda.

Met Crystal there, so happy!

Super adore the color of her dress.

With Bryan.

HAHAHA, always kena sabo.

Boyfriend decided to do it himself.

With the lovely Nana staffs & Manager.

Andrew + his girlfriend & Bryan came to join us too!

I have no idea what I was doing with the bottle.

Tiny girl taking a rest. 

After Nana, as usual, we went for our current favorite supper place. 
Tanjiong Katong mee sua!!

Damn, I miss eating that.

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