Rilakkuma curse.


Okay, its 3 hours passed my birthday already but still. I just feel like typing that out. 
So it was just a really simple event for me this year. 
I touched down in Singapore just a day before my birthday. Boyfriend came over my place for a stayover and that was good enough for me. It felt really good to just hug and stare at him after 5 days. Sounds abit psycho I know, the staring part. But I really miss him alot man. Feels damn long to me, I swear. 

Will blog about my very simple birthday celebration in another post. 


This blog entry will be about the day I went to East Coast park for shaved ice & catching of bears. It was Kimberly's 21st birthday that night. So before you wonder why the hell I'm so dressed up for East Coast park, let me explain that I was going to Nana later that night! 

So this was what I wore..

Spot boyfriend lying on the bed behind me watching telly :)

Love the feathers earring.

This is the 1st time in 4 years since I had such long fringe.

Took some pictures with boyfriend in the living room before we headed out.

This picture is my Facebook profile picture. 

To East Coast park we went.

Birdie & I waiting for our snow ice!!

Everyone seems to be very into this "fishing joy" game on iPhone/iPad.

My brother & birdie.

Gege & Marcus.

Snapped this pretty picture of birdie.
I'm an awesome photographer. In fact, I think most bloggers are awesome photographers. We always take nice & flattering pictures of our friends but when we pass the cameras to them to take a picture of us, it always end up damn cui. WHY SO UNFAIR.
Must train boyfriend & bird to take good angles pictures of me liao.

YAY, our snow ice is here.
Mine is the one with strawberries. I LOVE ANYTHING with strawberries.

Can't believe I'm best friends with this girl for more than 14 years already. 
We got close when we were primary 4. Can you imagine? 2 fat girls in CHJI uniform hanging out during recess time and all that fond memories. I'm so glad to have her in my life for the past 14 years. She has gone through with me the happiest & darkest moments in my life.
Especially even more these days because when I'm all lonely & emo overseas, she always know the right things to say to make me feel so much better. We whatsapp each other all the time when I was in Shanghai & Africa. Super supportive girlfriend. I can't pick a better sister-in-law. Can't wait till my brother & her ties the knot. I'm sure their wedding will be a phenomenal. 

So after having the snow ice, we headed to Prize station just next door to catch some stuff toys. & I had my eyes set on this Rilakkuma stuff toy since I entered the shop. 

Guess how much we spent catching this?

Near $40!!
But its super cute right?

& just days later, I caught another one but in Cream color.
I'm gonna just stop at 2. 
No more stuff toy collection. I've wasted too much money on catching my Scrumps dolls.


I love rings like this!! 
From the accessories I was wearing in the above pictures, you'll know that wings/feathers are definitely my cup of tea. I use to have one but it broke because I was too rough & clumsy.
Before anyone asks, this is the website which I got it from: 


Gosh, its 3.37am already. 
I spent 30+ minutes writing this blog entry and replaying ♫ Wen Lan's Yan Lei Zhi Dao ♫ on Youtube. Boyfriend is sleeping soundly next to me. I shall go join him now. Better hug him tight before I fly off this Friday. But good thing is, I'm back on Saturday!! Gone for just a day. Not much to miss! Hehe.



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