HK day 4!!

Hello everyone!! 

Here's another update by Clottes!!
Cerlyn the owner of the blogshop is the model this time round.
So pretty!! 

Do support her ya!
She's my cousin's girlfriend so do patronize if any of the outfits catches your eye.. cause I already saw a few that I'll like to own!!

Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!
Click here to start your shopping: Clottes !!


Hong Kong Day 4!!

Every morning, my brother, shunxiong & I will wake up feeling hungry. & like MONSTERS, we will always demand a super filling breakfast. So we end up ordering like mad every single time.

Starting the day with a table full of DIMSUM!!

Walking to the MTR station from the famous dim sum place.. HOT LIKE MAD.

We went to Wong Tai Sin to pray..
the popular temple in Hk!

Taking a water break in one of the pavilions. 

& after that, it was back to more shopping!!
Soon, dinner time!!



I was eating so much everyday. 
I was so so sure I gained like at least 2 kgs.
BUT, when I came back home & weigh myself, I only gained 1 kg!! hahaha.. happy!!

On a side note, check out how tight my belt is. HAHA, my tummy was about to explode anytime.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel for a swim!!

Wearing the new bikini I got from H&M.

It was really breezy up at the rooftop..

Okay, very lazy to blog already.

Just gonna post the last few pictures of us eating durian at the park & also, our shopping loots for the last day!


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