Butter it up!

iPhone users are gonna love me!!
Okay not forgetting BB users too because Samantha's blogshop is one of those few which actually caters to BB users too. 

But I'm an iPhone user so I will be only sharing the cool stuffs for iPhones that I got from ..

Cath Kidston is super popular now amongst us girls & I couldn't resist it too!!
I got the white one for myself & the pink one for birdie!!

White one for my white iPhone! 
Can you imagine how pretty it will look?

I also got myself this portable iPhone charger!!
Most iPhone users would agree with me that the battery kinda runs out real fast. So this portable charger comes in really handy!! It doesn't give me a full charge but a 70-80% reload of battery when I'm desperate is more than I can ask for!

& here are 3 other items that I'm considering to order from Samantha!
Under the SPECIALS section..

Can you guess which one I'm gonna get? 

& remember me saying that I got those cute iPhone button stickers? 
WHOPPI sells them too!
For 5 bucks too! 

& this is too adorable to miss.
If I'm working an office, I will sure get this & place it on my work table. Instant mood lifter.

So before it all gets snatched up, because most of the items are limited in quantity, hurry place your orders with Samantha at WHOPPI now!


It was a crazy night of fun at Butter with my favorite girls.
But before that, we carried out our usual pre-drinking session over at Juan's crib.

We made a mess as usual.

Drank at her place for near an hour & we were on our way to BUTTER!!

All of us managed to squeeze into 1 car.

Taken outside Juan's place. Sigh, I MISS STAYING AT KATONG. 
All the perfect memories. With ah gong & ah ma and when everyone lived together under 1 roof. No worries just lots of fun, love & laughter daily. Never a dull day when I was living at Lyndhurst Road. 

We made OKM play clubbing music in his car & we all went mad.

I think we took like near 4o pictures. I actually QC-ed quite abit of ugly ones away before I made this collage. haha.

Andrew & boyfriend who were sitting in the back seat. They kept shaking their head when we were doing crazy dance moves in the car..

Bumped into my polymate Eliza at Zouk's winebar.
Oh yah, we went to Zouk first and then to butter..

& in Butter's toilet..
Juan & I camwhored.

I'm so gonna miss this girl!
She is on a traveling spree. Damn it. Keep going overseas every month!!

In the club.

1 of the best feelings: being tipsy & dancing with your girlfriends. 

Bumped into my colleague, David!

With none other than the love of my life, THE BOYFRIEND!

and moments later,

I saw this girl & we both started screaming hysterically.

Michelle quek!

Taken by her iPhone!

& after Butter, we feel that it was too early to end the night just like that, so we decided to head back to Juan's place for 3rd round of drinks. 

Yes, we were that crazy.

We went to Macdonald's drive through before that. 

Juan went downstairs & took 3 more bottles of hard liquor up to her room.
She wants us to die.

Totally having a lot of fun in bed with Esther.
Juan's bed was destroyed for the night.

I like this picture. So cute.


Singing to A mei's "Ren zhi". Check out my damn passionate face.

Eugene was freaking gone that night, and I just kept disturbing NONSTOP.
When I say nonstop, I meant nonstop. 
You'll die laughing if you saw the videos that Esther & Lim Jie took but I'M DEFINITELY NOT POSTING IT HERE.

Okay, its 2.17am now, I better end this entry.
Gonna wake up at 10ish in the morning later for breakfast with my girls!! I'm glad we are meeting before I leave for Japan. Though its only for 3 day but I'm still gonna be very homesick. I always get homesick when nightfalls when I'm overseas. 

Till the next entry, stay fun everyone!
Xs + Os.