Drink Culture + a taste of HK.

Hey everyone, a new entry!

Weeks back, we went down to Drink Culture to give our support to our friend, Leonard. He is a co-owner of Drink Culture and boy, that place is really damn pretty!! 

Before that, boyfriend & I headed to over to my cousin, desmond & edmund's place for a little dinner gathering. My aunts, uncles, mom, dad, cousins were all present. We had a good time chatting & laughing over super delicious home cooked food. I love family times. And despite of what everyone has been saying about my cousin, I still love him & wish nothing but the best for them. So all you people out there who aren't involved. Just zip it. Peace.

As usual, I take self shots before I go out whenever I'm all dressed up. 

Many have been asking where I got the black polka dot halter top. Sorry guys, but I got the top from Forever 21 like 2 years or more ago? See! I still do wear my old clothes. Haha.

Professional bloggers uses ring light. For me, I use SUN LIGHT.
Okay, not funny.


With Lim Jie, Eugene, boyfriend & esther!

The bartender making our cocktail.

My favorite of all, Passionfruit martini. 
Instead of stupid fruit syrups, Drink Culture actually uses the REAL fruit. The bartender took a whole passionfruit, cut it into half & dug all the juice/seeds/pulp into my glass right in front of me. 
Super worth the price though its a little steep. Cause its all made from real goodness!

With Leonard.

We stayed till really late, like 3am?

So the entire place was literally ours!

Bring on the bubblies.

With pang pang!


Here's a couple of Hong Kong sneak peeks:

Some of the loots we got.
Will be more detailed when I blog about the trip!

Didn't bring/wear my big eye contact lens for the entire trip, so I have tiny pupils.

Till the next entry,
♥ stay happy ♥


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