Labels isn't everything, but so what?

Hello readers!!

I'm back from Hong Kong! Just touched down like 4 hours ago? Hong kong was great. I shopped, walked, ate a hell lot. Have yet to weigh myself but I think a good 2kg weight gain is for sure. Haha. Dammit. Must diet again before I can't fit into my work outfit. Also, its time to be friendly to my wallet. Gonna not buy anything for the next 2 weeks. I MEAN IT.

So here's my 2 luggages to house all the barang barangs I've got from Hong Kong!! Bought many things that made me happy. The branded goods there are so freaking cheap. No GST = most brands like LV, Chanel, Loewe, YSL are cheaper than Singapore by quite a significant amount. 

Will be blogging about Hong kong trip in another post. Stay tuned!!

The above picture taken by my instagram. Anyone using it? Follow me!! Username: " lianmeiting ".

So this entry is like a month or 2 late. 

Took some camwhore shots before leaving the house to Orchard.

Outfit of the day. 
Top: A blogshop that I can't remember.
Belt: Charles & keith.
Skirt: Zara
Accessories: Chanel earrings, Chanel necklace, Pearl bracelet from my grandma, Miu miu leather bracelet, YSL iconic ring, Topshop ring.

Dinner at Waraku, Heeren.

Mine!! Prawn + yolk in basil sauce. YUMZ.


Miss grumpy.

My brother thinking what is good to have. He eats EVERYTHING.

Birdie, the small eater.

After eating, we headed to Chanel & we ended up leaving the boutique with 2 large paper bags.
The feeling is scarily great.

Mine in Black, bird's in Nude.

Happy girl. 
I LOVE HER BAG LAH. But I'm damn afraid it will get dirty very easily.

My brother got something too!!
The "H" belt from Hermes. 
I want this too! Omg. But I shall wait. No more splurging for now. I need to save already.

Can't find any clear pictures of me carrying the bag, so here's a recycled one.


Will be flying off to Joannesburg this Friday night.
Super nervous.