Shopping time!

**** Dear readers who have left me emails + formspring questions. I will answer them by this week alright? I have been super ultra busy the past 2 weeks. I can hardly breathe or have time for myself. So sorry if your emails + questions have been left hanging there for a week. I will answer them soon!! Hope you guys understand!! ****


Shopping has always been a hobby of mine since the age of 18. I became super obsessed with getting new clothes each week. Its like if I don't have something new + pretty, I'll feel worried cause its like I have nothing to wear anymore!

So when I spotted UpMySleeves online, I was super thrilled! Cause some of their apparels caught my eye & I decided to get them. For someone who has limited spare time like me, online shopping has became my savior. 

Let's take a look at the items I got from UpMySleeves!

When I received this parcel, I was damn glad because the items looked good and the material was great. I hate it when I order something online and when I receive the item, it is so much uglier than what I see from the blogshop.

Pardon the dirty mirror. 
I got this really adorable vintage looking dress in pastel pink! There's another in camel color too.

I heart ribbons. 

Best of all, guess how much did I spend on this dress?
Just 23 freaking bucks!!

Aside from a dress & a top, I got 2 clutches too!

This is the brown one. 

& here's me in the Hot Pink one. 
I also got the Polka dot Pussybow top. 

Like I've mentioned earlier on, I like anything with ribbons! 
More over this top is really comfortable when worn.

Interested in shopping for these items and more?? 
Let me share with you the good stuff first!

Promotion time: For the current collection, a Free Coral Pink Wallet(worth $12.90) when you spent $40!!
Also, I heard that Upmysleeves is searching for their Resident Model, who will be featured in their future collections. 2 prizes will be given out + also items from the collection. FREE CLOTHES, YAY!!
There will be a Miss Eye Candy who has the most 'likes' on their Facebook Fan Page & she will win herself $100 Upmysleeves credits.
Facebook page :


Before you leave,  take a minute to read the latest news from Salon Vim!!

For many of you, I bet you already know that I'm a loyal fan of Salon Vim. I've been going to them for my hair cuts, hair dyes, treatments, curling & awesome head massages since 1 year + ago. & I've never made a better choice!! 

Before visiting Salon Vim, I usually switch around different salons when I decide to do something with my hair & its annoying cause the stylist always have no clue what exactly I want! With Salon Vim's amazing service, I've been with them for the longest time and I am definitely loving it!!