Salon Vim for a haircut!

How often do you trim your hair?

For me, I like to do it once every 2 months at least. But before this visit to Salon Vim, my poor hair was abandoned for a good 3 months plus. Due to my busy work schedule, I didn't have the time to squeeze in a hair appointment.

Finally before my flight to Bombay, I arranged for a haircut session with my stylist, Luis. 

Taken before I left the house. 

Look at how thick and "no shape" my hair was. 
The ends of my hair were all spoilt and frizzy. Super in need of help!!

So to Salon Vim, I went.

When I saw Luis, I immediately told him to DO SOMETHING about my horribly "out-of-shape" hair. So he took out his magic scissors and starting trimming away!

I love how patient Luis is when it comes to cutting hair. He always takes his time to shape and make sure that my hair is perfect. I don't even mind getting a sore ass cause I know I will benefit from all these at the end of the day! :)

This was the hair treatment that Luis did on my hair. (ITS DAMN GOOD, I SWEAR)
I super love him lah. I was only there for a haircut because I wanted to rush back home to pack my luggage and prepare for my flight at night. But Luis took a look at my hair condition and told me that he would give me a hair treatment on top of my haircut because my hair has quite a lot of fly-aways and its quite frizzy!

Waiting for all the goodness from the treatment to be absorbed by my tresses.
I look like I'm in some high-tech space-y place.

And I'm done!

I like how the lady who blow-dried my hair for me. She used this round brush and kept curling the ends of my hair. & the end product? Wavy hair for me! Damn nice man. I wish I have the patience to do this every time I'm going out.

A simple outfit I threw on for the day.
Since I was only gonna be in town for like, 3 hours? Okay, & the extra 40 minutes I spent in Forever 21 after I finished doing my hair. I got 2 tops + 1 pair of sandals. 

Damn, my wardrobe is exploding again. 

Time for another spring-cleaning this weekend, to make space for all my new clothes.

For those interested in getting hair services at Salon Vim, here’s the details you’ll need.
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767
♥ Till the next entry, **meiting.


  1. Hi there, may I know what foundation and blusher are you using? thanks!

  2. Hello I'm using The bodyshop's foundation here. As for blusher I can't remember cause I have a few and I use them depending on mood. Sorry!!

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