MBS with colleagues!

Hello everyone, I'm back from Shanghai. Just touched down like less than 4 hours ago? And here I am blogging. Hardworking right? LOL. Sorry for MIA-ing the entire week. I was away to Bombay for 2 days and when I was back in Singapore, stupid Blogger was down. It was down for the entire day so I was unable to update even though I wanted to! So yes, that explains why I haven't been able to blog.

Now that I'm back..... expect more updates!! 

My colleagues booked a hotel room at Marina bay sands a month back to celebrate the end our "exams" and it was also Yo's birthday.

When boyfriend & I arrived the hotel room, everyone headed out for dinner but we've already eaten so we stayed behind the room and waited for everyone..

Camwhored with the huge-ass mirror.. 

Boyfriend doing some work on his laptop..

We got bored waiting in the room so we headed up to view the amazing night scenery!

2nd time up there & still loving it.

Back in the hotel room, played with some bubbles that my colleagues bought. 

Reliving our childhood.
Okay, I got bored of it after 1 minute.

Hazel, Christine & I.

The gents.

The taiwanese girls. I love the way they speak in mandarin. Damn nice.

All the ladies in the house.

Surprised Yo with a "awfully chocolate" cake.

Happy birthday!! :)

Some of us headed up to Kudeta.

With my lover boy.

Champagnes!! My favorite please.

Here's 2 more pictures of me. I can't decide which looks better. Cause it looks almost the same. 

Alright, will be answering formspring questions later on.

Right now boyfriend is sleeping soundly next to me as I'm blogging. Its gonna be midnight soon, I think I should wake him up cause he has to go home. So goodbye for now. I maybe updating tomorrow or Tuesday. Many many entries coming up!