Busier than ever!!

Hello everyone, how have you been? I've been soooo freaking busy this entire week!! I'm literally busy from the moment I open my eyes till late at night before I collapse onto my bed. Which is a really sucky bed. I need to buy a new bed soon. I'm so gonna upgrade to a Queen sized bed. The super single is so soft that my back aches like mad due to lack of support and it gets really squeezy whenever boyfriend stayover. So yes. I NEED A BIGGER FIRMER BED.

Will be out of Singapore a couple of days this week. But I will still be updating whenever I can. 

I'm a huge Watsons fan. I mean, who can enter Watsons and leave the place empty handed? There's always something to buy lah!! So yes, here's what I got when I totally have nothing in mind that I wanted.
Left to right: Hada labo cleanser, my favorite toothpaste from Pearlie White, Hada labo moisturizer, Kirei kirei hand sanitizer, Maybelline's Baby lips lipbalm, Biore's new sunblock.

New lipstick from Dior. 

I've always wanted a stippling brush to apply my loose powders. & the brush's color is so pretty. HOT PINK! How to resist.

Highlighting pen from The Body Shop.

Some necessities I bought for me to bring when I'm traveling.

New clogs.

I love it!! But its abit weird to walk in cause its so heavy. Like anytime will slip and fall type. But for beauty, anything goes. Vain x10.

Will be going to Salon Vim on Tuesday to trim my hair. Its been almost 3 months since I cut my hair. Damn out of shape and thick already. I can't wait!!

I'm going to bed already. Waking up in another 5 hours.


Can't wait for my well-deserved Hong Kong trip a the end of the month!!!



  1. i love that stippling brush! its so pretty! great from the usual black and white ones :) nice haul

  2. Hi, may i know what the nail polisher brand and color on ur toes? Thks

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