Redefine Shot.

Last year, around October, Redefine Shot conducted a couple photo shoot for Shunxiong & I! 

Not sure how many of you remembered but I did post a "Behind The Scenes" blog entry about it. If you have missed it, read it here:

Its the first time for both Shunxiong & myself because we've never done photo shoots like this before! But the entire experience was really fun and stress-free. The photographer and his girlfriend were both creative and patient with us which made the photo shoot a breeze. 

And finally, here are some of the end products!

Favorite picture 1. You can't see it but we were actually sitting on a rock along the stream of flowing water. 

Favorite picture 2!! I love this picture so much, I set it as my wallpaper!

I remember how disgusted I was feeling when this above picture was taken. We were seating on the dried leaves and guess what? There were tons of ants & tiny black things crawling around us!

Had a great time climbing the tree though. & the branch that I was standing on is not as short as you think. It is kinda scary when you are on top.

Feeding the fishes..

Easiest shot ever. Haha.


For readers who are interested in having similar photoshoots for you & your loved one for your anniversary, or a photoshoot with a bunch of your girlfriends or even a personal photoshoot, which can be held Indoors or Outdoors, you are in for a treat!

Because Redefine Shot is having a package specially for my readers:

♥ SGD150 for One Hour Image Only Location Photography
♥ Strictly one location of client's choice
♥ One hour of photography choice of concept themed or artistic
♥ 15 fully edited images in high resolution

* choice of studio concept themed, artistic, make over etc are available as add ons specially as well, do email to enquire.

Join them on Facebook:


P.S: On a completely gross side note, remember how I complained about my finger getting caught in the door the other time? & my nail was bleeding internally? Well, after 1 month +, the nail actually really came off!! So yes, I have NO fingernail on my middle finger. It is SO GROSS looking and it feels damn weird. It no longer hurt like the bitch it did when the door first slammed onto my poor finger, but it still is damn ugly to have a nail missing!! Sigh, any idea how to make the nail grow faster? I know I'm asking the obvious because nothing much can be done but to just wait for it to grow back by itself. 

I'm gonna bandage my middle finger for the next few months till my nail grows back!!