Pink lens from DesireDestination

Many readers have been asking what lens I'm using, are they comfortable? 
Are the sellers reliable and stuff?

 Here's the post to your answers!

I'm wearing a new pair of Pink lenses from desiredestination
Its the 15mm ones.
 I always see new 16mm or 17mm lens around but I think its bullshit. I mean, 15mm is already so freaking huge and if there are any bigger ones, you will definitely look damn weird with it lah. Cause the white part of your eye will look damn little.

For those who want the exact same pair, take note of the code number! Or, you can just click on this link and look for it: 

& do not worry if the lens are fake because it comes with this authenticity check at the bottom of the bottle.

A mega close up. You can almost see my pores. Haha.

Many readers emailed me asking if Pink lenses look very scary in real life or in pictures.. the answer is NO. I know many of you just stick to brown or black. But seriously, pink lenses doesn't look scary at all! Another of my favorite would be the grey colored ones.

Picture flooding time!

So for those of you who are interested, here's some details you may need to know!

♥ The pre-order takes around 2 weeks to arrive (sometimes even earlier)
♥ The contact lenses can be worn for 6 months - a year.
♥ If bottle isn't opened, it can be kept for 3 years.
♥ The contact lenses are supplied at really low rates!
♥ Quote "LMT" to get free casing for every pair of lenses purchased.

So all these pictures were taken just 2 days back. On Saturday. I was preparing to head out to meet boyfriend who was at Bugis cutting his hair. I really hate it when I have no idea what to wear when I'm going out. I have a bursting wardrobe full of apparels but I can never seem to put a proper outfit together if the items have been worn before. 

I know right. Shunxiong always scolds me whenever I say I don't like re-wearing my outfits. What's wrong?! I just like to wear new clothes every week!! But that doesn't mean I throw my clothes away once its been worn. I'm not that crazy. LOL.

So I dug my wardrobe deep and found a maxi dress that I only wore once before.

The last time I wore this maxi dress was more than 5 months ago, I think? But I still like it alot!

Shit, my hair is becoming damn brown. Hope I wouldn't have to dye it black. * Cross fingers *

Took the train to Bugis from Simei because I gave up waiting for cab under the hot sun after 10 minutes. But I'm glad I took the train instead. Save money + the journey was less than 25 minutes only! Just play with my iPhone and I arrived faster than I imagined. Heh.

Dinner was Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Towers.

Over ordered, again.
Anyway the must-haves when you visit is the Phad thai!~!~ Super niceeeee!

Very hungry me as it was my first meal of the day!

The fish sucks. :(

Desserts after our meal. Mosaic-ed boyfriend's eyes cause its damn distracting. LOL.

One of my favorite. Rock melon + papaya.

The night ended with drinks + chilling session with Esther & the rest at Quarubar.

The guys drank beer but I generally dislike beer so I ordered frozen strawberry margarita. NICE!

Boyfriend & I!

Damn yumz luncheon chips. $10 for this but its damn tasty lah.

Okay, I took long enough for this blog entry.
I'm gonna go exfoliate my face with CURE now! 
Can't believe how fast time is passing.

2 more weeks til I leave for Bombay + Shanghai, then its the Hong Kong trip with boyfriend, bird + brother. Then... it starts to get scarier from there. Its okay, I CAN HANDLE IT!!


Love ya!


Results of Salon Vim's Ambassador for 2011.


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