Photobooth with birdie!

I love long weekends!! But too bad it still feels like its not enough for me. Everyday was fully utilized so I'm quite happy. I hate wasting my weekends because those are the only days I can really enjoy myself!

Went to family gathering at Desmond's condo during Good Friday and then headed over to Leonard's new bar, Drink Culture, located near Chinatown. Pictures will be up soon. 

Saturday was spent in the east! Tampines to get my work cabin luggage + cargo luggage, dinner & movie!! & when we came back home, we booked air tickets for Hong Kong this end of may!! OMFG, I'm so thrilled that my brother & bird is joining Shunxiong & I for this Hong Kong trip. 

I'm just so freaking sure that we are going to have the time of our lives in Hong Kong.  

H&M, here I come!!!

Photobooth-ed with bird before we headed out for my grandma's birthday dinner a few weeks back.

New dress I got! I love colors..

My half naked brother styling his hair via my mirror..

Photobooth is fun when you are using it with a friend!

Clothes I got from City Plaza 2 weeks back when I went with Esther & Sarah! Very happy with the buys and I already wore half of it already.

New ring, I LOVE IT!! The color is so unique.

 Twitpic-ed this on Friday but I shall post it up for those who aren't on my twitter..
My baby, so pretty! 

Happy Easter! * bounce *


  1. Heya babe, ur top really nice - i love colours.. Where did you get this piece of top and bottom from ?

  2. Hey so sorry for the late reply. The dress i was wearing is from Forever 21~

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