A date with the boyfriend

Went to town shopping with boyfriend on 1 of the weekends. Before that we headed to his place because we were going to his cousin's house for lunch. Since we were early & his family members are not ready yet, I decided to take some pictures.

All pictures were taken in boyfriend's room + backyard.

New tribal necklace that I really like! I wanted to get more but Esther stopped me. 

Wearing pink contacts that day, obvious under the sunlight huh.

Wore my chain wedges. Super comfy, I like!

Boyfriend's dogs came to kpo. Haha, the happy family, Marley, Bobby + Max!

Attempted to take pictures with them. FAILED.
Max was more interested in smelling my fox tail that was attached to my bag.

I gave up in the end. & that little black furball at the top right of this picture is, Man man. A Chihuahua mix maltese?Shih tzu?

Favorite picture of the day!

Boyfriend spotted through the mirror reflection. LOL.

I like how the pictures turns out when taken with good lighting! But boyfriend hates it because he say the sun is so bright that he can't open his eyes properly. 

& to town we went, can't remember what I bought but I must have bought stuff. Pretty soon it was dinner time & we always have a hard time deciding what to have. We picked Paragon for the location & narrowed it down to either Din tai fung/ thai express/ Soup restaurant. 

& the Soup restaurant it was!

Waiting for our turn, me checking out the menu..

The super good samsui chicken!! 

I really like the crispy tofu too! The sauce that goes with it is damn awesome lah!

Hungry boy filling his tummy.

Okay, finally blogged this entry up!
Its pretty late now and I should be preparing for bed but my hair is still kinda wet. Just came back not long from hong kong cafe at katong. That explains why I showered so late! But its okay, I took an hour worth of nap before I went out just now. Also, its the eve of a Good Friday tomorrow. So YAY to  public holiday!

I swear I'm gonna sleep in til damn late! & also, good news, I've finally sort of recovered from my horrible 4-day-long-fever. But I'm still not allowed to take spicy food or fried stuff and snacks like potato chips all. SIGH. What a torture you know!? I have like 2 big packets of potato chips in my room staring at me all the time. I love eating chips lah. I rather eat potato chips than have chocolates/sweets/ice cream!!

K lah, shall go stalk other pretty girls blog now.

Have an amazing long weekend, muacks! ♥

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