Are you guys following me on twitter? ( http://twitter.com/lianmeiting/ )

If you are, you would have known that last weekend, bird & I bought our first Chanel! Spent a bomb there and my heart is still kinda aching. But nevermind lah, money will come rolling in pretty soon! 

& its never wrong to pamper ourselves right??

My brother bought his "H" belt from Hermes too. I also want!! Shall wait till I go overseas before I get that! Its like a little cheaper? 

Happy with our loots!

The box is so huge lah. Feels like a little kid unwrapping her christmas present. I LIKE THAT FEELING!! haha.

Will blog about the bags in another entry when I have more time yah?

Also, if you have been following me on twitter, you will know that I'm like gravely ill lah. I went to see the company's doctor, took the medicine for 3 days and I still felt like shit. I was having the worst headache ever!! I sort of recovered a little on Saturday but when I woke up on Sunday morning, my head was pounding like mad.

I thought that I was able to get over with the pain and decided to meet my girls for picnic at east coast park.

Halfway through, I was feeling so horrible that I had to ask Esther to send me to the doctors!! So angry at myself lah. Of all days fall sick during this period.  

So these was the pathetic amount of pictures I took during our 2 hour long picnic. 

Everything was bought except for the yummy potato salad that Juan made!!

Juan & Esther!
No pictures of me cause I was totally not in the mood.

Such a pity I did not get to enjoy the pretty scenery!

Okay, time to take a nap. Will update really soon! Like tomorrow? I try lah okay!? :)
& hooray! For this coming Friday is good friday!! 

Let me *heal*, meiting.