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Woke up to a simple yet happy breakfast.

Honey stars!!!!

My favorite combination: Oat milk + honey stars cereal = Super delish!

I remember having this when I was young all the time. 

Headed to Tampines mall the day before with my brother, bird & boyfriend. Went to the post office there to collect my registered parcel. & had lunch at Sushi tei. I.LOVE.SUSHI.TEI. The must-haves there: salmon sashimi salad + salmon handroll, squid tempura, garlic fried rice, prawn tempura.

So here, the new quartz necklace I bought online.

Got a clear one this time round.

Shopped at Tampines One's Sasa & TopShop.
Here's what I got myself:

My favorite facial cleanser. Hada labo.

A new product that I spotted from Hada labo. This tiny tube of lip gel cost $10.90 if I'm not wrong. It better give me amazing soft lips. LOL.

New stockings. :)

Can't wait to wear it with the new shorts I got from City plaza!

Just finished my entire bottle of Vitamin C by Blackmores. I'm gonna move on to Hakubi White C whitening pills now! They contain high concentration of vitamin C too. So it should be good enough to replace my Blackmores. & bonus! I hope I do get fairer too.

Makeup-less me Photobooth-ing with Shunxiong at my house.

Cannot stop laughing when I see this picture.
Super cute!!

 XX♥, Meiting.

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