Butter with my happy pills

Had a blast with my girls weeks back when we went to Butter factory! We used to go there like every freaking week for our must-have: Bacardi 151 shots which burns our throats big time. Then boyfriend started to make noise. Complained that I was partying too much so we cut back on it. Haha!

But nowadays, we are all so busy with work + boyfriends that its been a really long time since we girls had some us-time. So yes, we got together at Juan's house for pre-drinks before we hit Butter factory.

Juan's place.
Arrived around 9 with our food + alcohol. Martell + green tea!

Juan had a dj mixer thingy on her macbook so she was spinning super awesome music the entire night &  we danced like mad bitches in her room. Thank god the neighbor did not complain. HAHA

My fringe was all over the place so I held it up with some auntie clip.

Timer shot. 

Reminiscing the Modiva times. Haha

Last few pictures before we took a cab over to the Butter factory.


When we have yet to warm up. Haha, just carry on reading and you'll see the crazy pictures.

First round of shots. No idea what it is, our favorite bartender Kelly mixed it for us. Its quite yummy but alcohol content rather high! & best of all, we had the shots free. Some random dude offered to foot the bill for us. Haha!

We went back to the old times where we did nothing but dance + drink the entire night.

 Took a break at the smoking room..

then we went to the ladies restroom where I made a new friend ..

I started talking to her randomly when I noticed she was wearing the same color as me. Haha, wait, one question to all of you, is my dress PINK or red? I keep insisting that it's hot pink but everyone shut me up by saying its red. Bloody hell, I color blind meh.

Back to the dancefloor ..

The dj gave us these stickers and we sticked it all over ourselves. LOL.

Around 3-ish am, we left Butter and went to NANA!

At Nana where the screw driver tasted like orange juice instead. Angry.

Left Nana after 1 hour plus & went for supper!!
Tanjong katong's mee sua!

Decided to tie my hair up.. I think I look better with my hair tied up though.

Took many pictures while we were waiting for our noodles.

It's finally here! Super delicious I swear. Win fei fei wanton mee x1000.

Last picture of crazy Esther before I end this post.

The 4 of us are planning for a picnic date this coming Sunday! I'm gonna be in charged of making sandwiches. Hehe, I can't wait, I can't wait! We are going to rent bicycles at East coast park, and have our picnic there. Totally anticipating it man!!

Alright, gonna go shower & prepare to head over to boyfriend's house for dinner. Every Sunday we'll have dinner over at his place cause his parents are cooking. 

Am thinking of doing another youtube video. Any suggestions? I already have readers requesting for What's in my bag / My accessories collection / What's in my make up bag / How to paste apply red lipstick. Anymore suggestions? 

Let me know over at my formspring: http://www.formspring.me/lianmeiting

lotsa  , Meiting.


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