Kite flying at Marina barrage

A few entries ago I wrote about the housewarming party that I went to at the Taiwanese girl's place? Yup, after the gathering, boyfriend came to pick me & we headed to Marina barrage to meet his friends for some kite flying!

I've never flown one before and I think I suck at it. & also, I get bored of it after like 15 minutes so no point lah. Haha.

Wearing the mustard maxi dress that I got from VGY. 

I loveeee it! But too bad this dress cannot be worn too often. Cause its so loud. Once you wear it, it takes like another 2 months before you can wear it again. Okay, maybe that is just my own theory. I hate being caught wearing the same thing twice. So I always make sure there is a long period before I wear the same outfit again. That explains why I buy new dresses every single week.

With boyfriend at the car park waiting for his friends to arrive.

Marina barrage is so pretty at night!

Fixing up the kites.. & there is no way I can be of any help, so I just stand there and snap pictures. Haha.

The shark that doesn't seem to like flying. 

My favorite accessories for the moment.

Boyfriend was looking super tired so cannot post. Heh.

The skies were brightly colored by all the kites. Super pretty sight. :)


went back home, started taking pictures of the outfit..

Its mid-week people.
Thursday tomorrow!
Let's hang in there & anticipate the weekend.