Make up collection post!

Hey everyone, as many of you have already noticed, I'm a huge makeup junkie. 
Its practically part of my life. Just like the many accessories I own. 
I have to wear them when I'm out. Except for neighborhood places because I'll just throw on an old boyfriend tee + shorts + flip flops.

To me, each eye shadow/blusher/lipstick varies just like each piece of earring/necklace/ring/bangles depending on my dressing or mood that particular day.

I don't know about you, but I feel that these are the things that kinda sums a person when you first meet them.

This is before I applied any eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick & drew my eyebrows. Look so sick & pale right?

Let me warn you first, this is a super backdated post.
I took all these pictures of my makeup in late 2010 but didn't have the chance to post them until now. So many of the items you see have either been replaced by a new favorite or just sitting somewhere in my makeup stash.

I've added many new lipsticks/eye shadows but I'm lazy to retake the pictures so just make do with these below yea?

Loose powder: Givency, Chanel, Paul & Joe.

Compact powder: YSL, MAC, Elizabeth Arden, Chanel, The Body Shop.

Liquid foundations: Laneige, Paul & Joe. (Hardly ever use them now)

Highlighters: The Body Shop, Benefit, Stage.

Shading Powder: Canmake, Elizabeth Arden.

Loose Powder which I bought cause it was all blinged up. From SASA.

 Eyeshadows Part I:
Urban Decay Naked, Chanel, Urban Decay, Cosme Decorte, Stila, Shishedo, Kanebo, The Body Shop.

Eyeshadows Part II: 
All from MAC.

Random eyeshadow that I left out:
Shishedo, Red Earth.

Eyeshadow pens + crayons: MAC + Paul & Joe.

Blushers: Mac, Kanebo, The Body Shop, Paul & Joe, Marjolica Majorca.

Eyebrow powder: Brows Up.

Lipsticks: YSL, Kose, Stage, Canmake.

Lipgloss: Anisa Da Vinci, Givenchy, MAC, Kose.

Lipgloss: Stila, Dior, Canmake, YSL.

Gel eyeliner: Shishedo.

Fake lashes: Random brand from Bugis/fareast. Code 29.

Makeup set from Sephora.

Some pictures from photobooth. Taken on the day I did the previous makeup tutorial.

I love photobooth + natural sunlight!

Alright, that's it! The next "collection" blog entry would either be on my accessories or my shoes/heels! Depending on my mood, it may take a few days/weeks or even months before I blog about it. Haha, that's because I still have many folders of pictures that are waiting to be blogged!

Had a great weekend but is it me or does this weekend seem super short? I haven't even have enough fun & its already the dreaded Sunday. Booo!

I'm gonna continue surfing tumblr + singing The Fray's "You found me" at the top of my lungs until 5pm. Gonna head to boyfriend's place for dinner later. His mom is cooking. Have to paint my nails later. Oh, how I dread that. >.<

Till then,  meiting.


  1. love your collection dear. i like it when you wear neutral eye colors, suits you best!

  2. Nice collection u have there, can u tell me from where u got the laneige bb cream pls?

  3. Miemiemie: Yes, i think I look better with neutral eye colors too! Others looks too fierce on me. Haha,

    Stylish Hijabi: Thank you! I got the laneige bb cream from BHG at bugis.