Sarah & James's garden ROM party!

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends got hitched! Esther & I were part of the jie-mei's that day. & its my first time ever being one. So I was quite excited. Everything was fun and I drank a little too much. HAHA. Wine, beer, wine, champagne, champagne, wine, champagne. So yes, mixing is lethal! Never ever mix your alcohols. I've learnt.

So the ROM party was held at La villa, garden setting. Everything was pretty and sweet! But the weather was a killer though. Everyone was perspiring under the scorching sun!

Many pictures for this entry, so enjoy!

Arrived on time, got changed & touched up our make up!

Before all the guests arrived, I snapped a few pictures of the place. Outdoor & indoor. 

Sarah's pretty hairdo!

The groom, James.

With the other bridesmaids.

Getting ready for the march in!

I was literally moved to tears. Not at the solemnization part. During the speech Sarah's mom made to James to take care of her daughter and blah blah blah, my waterworks just came on. I can't imagine if its my wedding day, I sure emo-nemo hardcore.

& then it was food time!!

Day time lightings are awesome for camwhoring!!

See what I mean? Perfect snowy skin immediately!!

With the blushing bride!!

The ex-MINTS. Okay, except for Esther who is still working there. I seriously do miss the times when we were all working in Magazines Integrated.

After lunch, it was outdoor photo-shooting time!

Don't ask.

Act like a teacher.

Went back in for more drinks + aircon.

My blessings to the Sarah & James.

Blissful marriage x love x laughters x babies !

P.S: Exams are over. I passed all 4 papers. Weeee! Mega happy. But my period just came. Bummer. I was supposed to go for my IPL tomorrow. But now I have to postpone it, AGAIN. Damn annoying. When can I start laser-ing those armpits?!?! Anyway, will be going partying with my colleagues tomorrow. Zouk. Its been a long time. Hope the music is good. Have a great weekend everyone!

lotsa  , Meiting.