Taiwan girls housewarming party!

My colleagues had a house warming party 2 weeks back! & everyone was invited. It was 3 of the Taiwanese girls who hosted this party. They rented an apartment in the east area so we decided to all go over their place for food, fun, laughter & ALCOHOL!

I arrived a little late, like near 6pm? Oops. I was taking my own sweet time to prepare lah. Weekends are super precious to me now that I've started working. Cause its the only time I can doll up the way I like and take many pictures! 

Quite a lot of pictures, so less talking!

Jason & I with Marcus's Queenie. 

With those who arrived early!! 
Wah the bed is quite good man, it was able to hold everyone's weight. 

The ladies :)

Joy & I. I love her smile!

With adorable Xueli & contagious laughter Sharon.

Huge ass strawberry!
& yes I'm aware that I wear a lot of accessories. I can't help myself.


Like taking class photo. Its a pity not everyone was present. 

Pretty-hazel, super-duper-cute-Ann & down-to-earth-Jeralynn.

& there comes the alcohol..

Played some games & we sabo-ed people to drink horrible vodka & tequila. I HATE VODKA, I SWEAR. Its sooooo disgusting omg. I had to drink entire cup of vodka + tequila + peanuts and I went to the toilet to puke straight away. That gross.

Fooling around with Jason's spectacles.

What's with all that hand sign? DON'T TELL YOU!

With Christine. I really like Christine cause she is so real. No pretense when you are with her. I like people like that.

A little tipsy, let's lie down.

Hazel & I were dancing & OLA-ing at the balcony. HAHAH.

Sandwiched between the taiwanese! Can't be any luckier? I love the way they speak their mandarin too! So gentle lah!

Last picture I took with everyone before boyfriend came to pick me up!

So after boyfriend came, we headed to Marina barrage to meet up with his friends to.. fly kite. I'm serious. Of course I didn't fly the kite cause I'm damn lousy at stuff like these. I just sat there and watch and was shivering nonstop due to the strong wind. Took a couple of pictures there too. Will blog about it in another entry.


Can't get any happier than this!!

I'm gonna go to bed happy now.


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