Photobooth #1

How was your weekend people?

Mine's pretty awesome. I mean nothing super interesting happened. I came home after work on Friday, met boyfriend for dinner & as usual we laid in bed & watch DVDs till we fell asleep. Saturday was to his place, then to his cousin's for house warming, & then we took the train to town. I bought a dress from Forever 21. Its like super colorful, I LIKE COLORS!! & a cross double finger ring. We caught a movie and went home at 1am.

Sunday was B-O-R-ing. I studied. ITS BEEN YEARS since I last studied. So yeap, I read through 3 topics out of the many and gave up. So here I am, blogging.

Was sorting out the pictures in my macbook and saw that I've totally forgotten about all the pictures I've taken in Photobooth! Its like, I always take them when I feel like it and I never revisit the folder at all. Haha, so there are like tons of pictures from the day I first bought my macbook till now. 

So here's some of the pictures!

This was taken at the shop on the day we bought our laptops. I was testing out the macbook and started snapping away.

When I came home, decided to Photobooth even further. hehe.

With the wolf hat that boyfriend bought for me!


After a long tiring day.. (this is the part where you people go, "omfg is that meiting?!? Why look like tranny!!")

Without the big eye contacts. & this picture reminds me, I LOST MY PINK HAIRBAND. So freaking pissed. I have no idea where it went. It just went missing within a day. WHATTTT?

I just wanna lie in bed all the time...

Okay, this picture isn't found in my photobooth. But its one of the pictures that I super like!! It was taken on the Saturday where all of us went to Butter. & before that we had pre-drinking session over at Juan's.

Will be blogging many entires soon.. after this week's papers,

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