Thai Express with bf

Went to town with boyfriend 2 weeks back when I needed to satisfy my shopping urges. So yes, I dolled up and went hunting for clothes with my love. Decided to wear the super colorful skirt I got from Love Bonito since I've only wore it like once? I don't think I'll wear it anytime soon cause I hate repeating clothes!!

So before heading to town, decided to take some pictures!

Decided to drag boyfriend in for the photo taking as well!


Fact about me: I NEVER make my bed after I wake up. Ever.

I like all these pictures!

I don't know why shunxiong & I always have the same expression in most pictures. Haha, its like totally unplanned one. Or, did he copy whatever faces I made? 

Snapped a shot of boyfriend at Paragon's Thai express..

Check out the amount of food we ordered for the two of us. 

I couldn't finish the plate of french beans even though they were my favorite. Too much to eat lah!! But speaking of thai food, the past month or so, I've been super into it! I crave for the tomyum soup & spiciness every now and then. I love the clear soup instead of the red. And thai's fried chicken wings are the best lah. Boneless!!

Okay enough about food. Have been feasting too much the past 2-3 days. Its time to go back to my healthy meals. Gonna have slice fish soup tomorrow for lunch! & dinner shall be grilled saba fish with chawanmushi. No more fried food for the next few days.

Exams are coming up next week. Sigh. The next couple of days are gonna be revisions and revisions. LET ME PASS IT ALL PLEASE!

Time to read my Alexis magazine before I go to bed. 
*I think I'll stop buying Cleo and focus on Alexis instead. Cleo magazine is so typical.

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