SKIN INC - Treatments!

Hello all, today I will be sharing with you my experience at SKIN INC for signature treatments.

I was really thrilled when I was invited to try out their facial treatments because I’ve read about it from other bloggers and it seems to really deliver good results.

Moreover, I’ve been using a couple of SKIN INC’s star products for months and even years to know that this is a brand I can trust to give me the perfect skin I yearn for.

I headed down to the outlet at Ion Orchard for my treatment.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you’ve read about the SKIN INC event I just attended about 2 months back at their Ion Orchard branch too!

If you haven’t, then read about it here:

Cannot help myself when I see a full length mirror.
 Must take a full selfie while waiting for my turn.

SKIN INC is always pretty busy every time I walk pass their shop so the day I went down for my facial was no exception.

Took picture of my bare face for you guys to see while waiting.

As you can tell, I don’t have any problems from pimples, blemishes or acne but I am concern about the evenness of my skin tone as well as looking as fair as I can be.

Because as Asians, we are more prone to having yellow looking skin which I do not like, at all.

All changed and ready to start!

The 1st treatment I did was the Oxy Miracle Peel, followed by the Oxy Miracle Infusion.

This 2 step ‘peel and heal’ treatment gives stressed-out skin a much needed oxygen boost!

Using a unique jet applicator that gently uses pressure to wash the skin with oxygen and saline at supersonic speed, my skin is exfoliated quickly and gently. Pores are unclogged at the same time too! 

The Oxy Miracle peel deeply
 - Cleanses
- Exfoliates
- Hydrates
- Oxygenates
- Micro circulate
 the skin for an instant lift and radiance.

 This revolutionary 5-in-1 treat lets my skin breathe again!

Next step that follows as the Oxy Miracle Infusion.

 Using the miraculous Japanese hot spring water and an infusion of oxygen and SKIN INC’s signature customized serum cocktail, all the goodness are being infused into my skin.

At this stage, even though I could not see my face, I can feel that it is so much more hydrated than when I arrived at SKIN INC outlet.

 I really enjoyed it when the facial thereapist massaged the customized blend on my skin and I can feel my skin absorbing the serum really well. & it was all thanks to the exfoliation done earlier.

The next treatment that I did was the

SKIN INC Power Fix Treatment.


Let me introduce to you the “no knife face-lift”.

This Light Therapy gives the desired effect of rejuvenating the skin without the need for surgery/chemicals/injections or painful procecdures! So you can see why it is not hard to believe that Light Therapy is fast becoming the preferred choice for those seeking to look younger.

LED light was used on astronauts while they were in space to encourage healing injuries. Then further studies in the US found that RED LED light stimulates cell healing while BLUE LED light has anti-inflammatory effect.

& my facial therapist decided that since I did not have any sensitive skin I could try out the RED LED light which is a powerful stimulant to the skin dermis and is an effective way to energize the skin cells to promote collagen growth and elastin. 

 The 81 pure red light sources 635nm penetrates top layers of the skin to energize it to allow the cells of the dermis to regenerate, plumping skin to reduce fine line and wrinkles, and also increasing levels of radiance.

When the 20 minutes was over, I was told to look into the mirror and I can tell from my facial therapist’s voice that she was very confident I was going to be happy with what I saw.

& I held the mirror over my face and took a look at my skin.

 I was really pleased.

 My skin definitely looked brighter than when I first arrived at SKIN INC. & best part is, my skin tone was so even and radiant.

 No more yellow + dull looking skin!!

Pardon the huge bruise I have on my shoulders, I did hot cupping a few days before that and the mark was still very visible.

 But obviously the main point of the picture was my skin!

The size of my pores were much smaller and the slight pigmentation I have on my cheeks seems to be lighter too!! 


Also, I can’t help but to touch my skin nonstop because it is so hydrated to the point where it feels bouncy. 

 So here are the benefits of RED LED light: 
• Energizes the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin 
• Plump up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
• Promotes radiance 
• Lightens age spots 
• Reduces the size of skin pores 
• Reduces dark circles and puffiness 
• Firms and smoothens skin

It's been a month since I last did my treatment over at SKIN INC and I'm still very satisfied with the results!!!

Can't wait for my next visit!

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