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I've never considered having ceiling fans installed when I renovated my home because I've always had the idea that ceiling fans were an eyesore (I was thinking of the traditional ceiling fans my grandma had at her home) and unnecessary as I have air conditioners in my rooms already.  

But my thinking totally changed when I visited DecorFanSEA's showroom to look at the types of fan they offer. The brand that I was interested in is called "Wale", originates from Italy and is inspired by the "rhythmic breathing pulse of our vast oceans".

I picked the 52" Black dark oak fan for our bedroom as it matches the room.
I love the sleek and minimalistic design of the blade and how it circulates a cool natural sea breeze effect.

It is build with a durable aluminium energy efficient uni-body DC sealed motor drive system to ensure that the fan’s body will not turn hot even after using it for long hours. This will also prolong the lifespan of the fan

& for baby Kayla's room, we picked the White Maple Oak fan. 
I'm really loving how it looks in the nursery. I can't believe I would be this happy over a fan but I've been telling my husband how much I enjoy having it and we should have installed it in our rooms earlier. Having the air conditioners on 24/7 is not only costly but pretty drying for the skin as well and with a baby around, I can let her enjoy the light breeze from the ceiling instead. Oh, and her nose always gets too dried up whenever we have the air conditioners on for too long.

There's also 3 different LED modes, white light, yellow light & my favourite - neutral light. 
There's also 6 fan speeds & timers.

It comes in 2 different sizes, 52 and 41 inches in diameter that can fit most standard sized room.
There's a wide variety of colors for you to choose from..

If you're interested, you can quote “meitingxdfs" to enjoy free customisation for the size 52” Wale Fans, where you can mix and match your choice of colour for the fan's body to their blade!

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