Lancome Genifique Sensitive

If you don't already know, I'm currently expecting a little baby girl..

We are currently near 6 months and my body has been going through a whole lot of changes. Besides just putting on pounds and slowly walking like a penguin, my skin has been experiencing dryness, and itchiness at certain areas. I guess this is due to the hormonal changes in my body and I was feeling a little down when I noticed my waist line widening as well as my skin slowly losing its radiance and suppleness. 

Besides being pregnant, my hectic lifestyle of having to juggle a full time job and my social media campaigns is also taking a toll of me as I start to feel exhausted rather easily these days.

Well, now you know it isn't true that all mummies-to-be are glowing okay.

Thankfully, I have Lancome Genifique Sensitive serum to the rescue!

I've been using the Lancome Genifique serum for the longest time, and have gone through many bottles of it. It works well on my skin when it is behaving but when I'm having bad skin days, I need a little extra boost and that's when Lancome Genifique Sensitive takes the stage!

It is filled with 98% antioxidant and what I love most is that, you only activate the product when you want to use it. That way, all the powerful ingredients are kept fresh till the very last minute when you want to use it.

Here's the steps to activating your Genifique Sensitive.

This is what you get when you first take the product out of the box.
See how the serum is clear as the antioxidants has yet to be released.

After pressing down & twisting the cap, the blue concentrate with 98% antioxidant is freshly activated & released into a potent serum base. I love how beautiful the blue concentrate swirls look before I mix it up with the serum.

Then just remove the booster cap and replace it with the precision topper. I really appreciate how 1 full drop is the exact amount I will need for my entire face. It is so convenient to just press & drop & spread the Genifique Sensitive serum all over my face. The texture of the serum is really light and it gets absorbed into my skin quickly and I am able to move on to my next step in my skincare routine. Perfect for busy working adult like myself who do not have the luxury of time every morning and night.

My skin is definitely looking and feeling better after using the Genifique Sensitive serum that helps to soothe skin sensitivities, boost its resilience and most importantly, reduce visible signs of aging.

I can't live without this and I even brought it along with me to my recent Babymoon trip in Tokyo where I knew the weather would be dry.

Here's a picture taken during my trip and I love how confident I felt even though my skin hasn't been its best the past few months. No more bad skin days with Lancome Genifique Sensitive.

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